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Manors of the Abbey of Bec, A.D. 1246

Pleas of the Manors in England of the Abbey of Bec for the Hokeday Term A.D. 1246

Bledlow [Buckinghamshire]. Saturday before Ascension Day.

Gregory of sydenham [essoins himself] against the lord in a plea in which he has waged his law. Richard Miller is essoiner and has pledged his faith [that the essoin will be warranted].

Jordan of Henton [essoins himself] against William Moor and Roise the widow in a plea of trespass by John Squire [as essoiner], for the second time. Faith is pledged.

Richard son of Lecia [essoins himself] of the general summons by John Harding. Faith pledged.

Joan the widow [essoins herself] against Guy Parage in a plea of trespass by Gilbert Mabel's son. Faith pledged.

Robert Costard [essoins himself] against Geoffrey Street in a plea of trespass for the first time by Gilbert Mabel's son. Faith pledged.

Simon Francis [essoins himself] against John of Senholt in a plea of trespass for the third time by Odo of Mursley. Faith pledged.

William Simon's son against the same person for teh same cause by Richard Odo's son. Faith pledged.

[the next two entries are partially struck out]

William Carpenter of the general summons by John Francis

William Francis of the same by Ralph Kinct.

The court has presented that Simon Combe has set up a fence on the lord's land. Therefore let it be abated.

Simone Combe gives 18 d. for leave to compromise with Simon Besmere. Pledges, John Sperling and John Harding.

A day is given to Alice of Standen at the next court to produce her charter and her heir.

John Sperling complains that Richard of Newmere on the Sunday next before S. Bartholomew's day last past with his cattle, horses and pigs wrongfully destroyed the corn on his [John's] land to his damage to the extent of one thrave of wheat, and to his dishonour to the extent of two shillings; and of this he produces suit. And Richard comes and defends all of it. Therefore let him go to the law six-handed. [he must bring five compurgators] His pledges, Simon Combe and Hugh Frith.


Swincombe [Oxfordshire]. Sunday before Ascension Day.

Richard Rastold [essoins himself] of the general summons by William Henry's son.

Hugh Pike and Robert his son are in mercy for wood of the lord thievishly carried away. The fine for each, 6 s. 8 d. Pledges, Richard Mile and William Shepherd.

Peter Alexander's son in mercy for the same. Fine, 2 s. Pledge, Alexander his father.

Henry Mile in mercy for waste of the lord's corn. Pledges, Richard Mile and William Shepherd.

John Smith in mercy for not producing what he was pledge to produce. Pledges, Richard Etys and Hugh Wood. Fine, 12 d.

Roger Abovewood and william Shepherd in mercy for not producing what they were pledges to produce . . . Fine, half a sextary of wine.


Tooting [Surrey]. Sunday after Ascension Day.

The court presented that the following had encroached on the lord's land, to wit, William Cobbler, Maud Robin's widow (fined 12 d.), John Shepherd (fined 12 d.), Walter Reeve (fined 2 s.), William of Moreville (fined 12 d.), Hamo of Hageldon (fined 12 d.), Mabel Spendlove's widow (fined 6 d.). Therefore they are in mercy.

Godwin is in mercy for contemning to do what was bidden him on the lord's behalf. Fine, 12 d.

Roger Rede in mercy for detention of rent. Pledge, John of Stratham. Fine, 6 d.

One acre whihch Sarah the widow held of the land of William Roce is seised into the lord's hand until she produces her warrantor.

William of Streatham is in mercy for not producing what he was pledge to produce. Fine, 12 d.


Ruislip [Middlesex]. Tuesday after Ascension Day.

The court presents that Nicholas Brakespeare [Maitland thinks this is a namesake of Pope Adrian IV] is not in a tithing and holds land. Therefore let him be distrained.

Breakers of the assize: Alice Salvage's widow (fined 12 d.), Agnotta the Shepherd's mistress, Roger Canon (fined 6 d.), the wife of Richard Chayham, the widow of Peter Beyondgrove, the wife of Ralph Coke (fined 6 d.), Ailwin (fined 6 d.), John Shepherd (fined 6 d.), Geoffrey Carpenter, Roise the Miller's wife (fined 6 d.), William White, John Carpenter, John Bradif.

Roger Hamo's son gives 20 s. to have seisin of the land which was his father's and to have an inquest of twelve as to a certain croft which Gilbert Bisuthe holds. Pledges, Gilbert Lamb, William JOhn's son and Robert King.

Isabella Peter's widow is in mercy for a trespass which her son John had committed in the lord's wood. Fine, 18 d. Pledges, Gilbert Bisuthe and Richard Robin.

Richard Maleville is at his law against the lord [to prove] that he did not take from the lord's servants goods taken in distress to the damage and dishonour of his lord [to the extent of] 20 s. Pledges, Gilbert Bisuthe and Richard Hubert.

Hugh Tree in mercy for his beasts caught in the lord's garden. Pledges, Walter Hill and William Slipper. Fine, 6 d.

[The] twelve jurors say that Hugh Cross has right in the bank and hedge about which there was a dispute between him and William White. Therefore let him hold in peace and let William be distrained for his many trespasses. (Afterwards he made fine for 12 s.) They say also that the hedge which is between the Widow Druet and William Slipper so far as the bank extends should be divided along the middle of the bank, so that the crest of the bank should be the boundary between them, for the crest was thrown up along the ancient boundary.

[The roll is torn in places for the next two entries] ...son of Roger Clerk gives 20 s. to have seisin of the land which was his father's. Pledges, Gilbert...and Hugh Cross. 13 s. 4d. to have seisin of the land which was his mother's beyond the wood. Pledges, William...and Robert Mareleward.


Pleas of the Manors of the Abbey of Bec for the Martinmas Term A. D. 1247.

Ogbourne [Wiltshire]. Monday next before the feast of S. Matthew.

The attachments of the men of William Longsword are put in respite to the next court under the same suretyship as before and the Hayward has in his keeping the particulars and the names of the pledges.

The attachments of the men of Sir Sampson Foliot are respited.

Roger Pleader is at his law against Nicholas Croke [to prove] that neither he [Roger] nor his killed [Nicholas'] peacock. Pledges, Ringer and Jordan. Afterwards he made his law and therefore is quit.

William Eve's son is at his law against Ringer [to prove] that he did not beat his mare to his damage 5 s. Pledges for the law, Richard of Horiford and Richard of Lortemere.

From the two townships [of Great and Little Ogbourne] for the Abbot's tallage, 10 marks. mercy for making default at the autumn boon-works. Fine, 6 d.

From Richard of Lortemere for the same, 6 d.

From Henry Reeve for his sheep caught where ward was made and for default in carrying service, 3 s.

From the whole township of Little Ogbourne, except seven, for not coming to wash the lord's sheep, 6 s. 8d.

From Little Ogbourne for default in reaping, 6 s. 8 d.


Wantage [Berkshire]. Wednesday next before the feast of S. Matthew.

Henry Ailen's son by leave of teh said Ailene gives 20 s. to have seisin of the messuage which his mother held. Pledges, Henry Teler and Roberty Baretor. The right to Ailen's heriot is saved.

Roger Ash is at his law against Geoffrey Atwell [to prove] that he does not owe him 16 d. nor has unjustly detained the same from his until now from the feast of S. Peter at Chains in the year before this. Pledges for his law, William Lovel and Henry Ash.

Hugh Adam's son gives 2 s. as entry-money and two capons as annual rent from the Invention of the Holy Cross for license to hold a certain parcel of land which Cristina widow of Peter Churchyard demised to him.

The whole township gives for teh Abbot's tallage 40 s.

William Iremonger gives 6 s. 8 d. that he may have seisin of the messuage which William Priest held and that he may marry the widow of the said William. Pledges, Everard Biwestbrook and Hugh of Wick.


Weedon Beck [Northamptonshire]. vigil of S. Michael.

Richard le Boys of Aldeston has sworn fealty for the land which was his father's and has found pledges for 4 s. as his relief, to wit, William Clerk of the same place, Godfrey Elder and Roger Smith.

Elias Deynte in full court resigned his land and William Deynte his son was put in seisin of it and swore fealty and found the same pledges for 5 s. as his relief. Afterwards he paid.

The whole township gives for the Abbot's tallage 6 marks.

The township presents that they suspect Robert Dochy and William Tale becasue they made fine with the knights, [who formed the jury] before the justices [in eyre] when they were accused of larceny.

Breakers of the assize: William Paris, Richard Cappe, Maud widow of Robert Carter, Walter Carter, Roger Smith, Richard Guy's son, William Green, Gilbert Vicar's son, Guy Lawman.

William Green and Guy Lawman have gallons which are too small.

John Mercer will give three chicken yearly at Martinmas for having the lord's patronage and he is received into a tithing.


Wretham [Norfolk]. Friday after the feast of S. Michael.

Gilbert Richard's son gives 5 s. for license to marry a wife. Pledge, Seaman. Term [for payment,] the Purification.

The following women have been violated and therefore must pay the leyerwite, Botild Alfred's daughter (fine, 6 d.), Margaret Stephen's daughter (fine 12 d., pledge Gilbert Richard's son), Agnes Seaman's daughter (fine 12 d., pledge the said Seaman), Agnes Jor's daughter (fine, 6 d.).

From the township for the Abbot's tallage, 3 marks.


Blakenham [Suffolk]. Tuesday after the feast of S. Faith.

Nicholas Priest's son (fine, 12 d.) and Robert of Mgdon (fine, 12 d.) are in mercy for they refused to pay the tallage which was set upon them by their neighbours.


Tooting [Surrey]. Tuesday after the feast of S. Denis.

The whole township gives 2 1/2 marks for the Abbot's tallage.

William Jordan in mercy for bad ploughing on the lord's land. Pledge, Arthur. Fine, 6 d.

John Shepherd in mercy for encroaching beyond the boundary of his land. Pledge, Walter Reeve. Fine, 6 d.

Lucy Rede in mercy for beasts of hers caught in the lord's pasture when ward had been made. Pledge, Hamo of Hageldon. (Amercement respited.)

Elias of Streatham in mercy for default of service in the autumn. Fine, 6 d.

Bartholomew Chaloner who was at his law against Reginald Swain's son has made default in his law. Therefore he is in mercy and let him make satisfaction to Reginald for his damage and dishonour with 6 s. Pledges, William Cobbler and William Spendlove. Fine, 6 gallons.

Ralph of Morville gives a half-mark on the security of Jordan of Streatham and William Spendlove to have a jury to inquire whether he be the next heir to the land which William of Morville holds. And [the] twelve jurors come and say that he has no right in the said land but that William Scot has greater right in the said land than any one else. And the said William [Scot] gives 1 mark on the security of Hamo of Hageldon, William of Morville, Reginald Swain and Richard Leaware that he may have seisin of the said land after the death of William of Morville in case he [William Scot] shall survive him [William of Morville].

Afterwards came the said William Scot and by the lord's leave quit-claimed all the right that he had in the said land with its appurtenances to a certain William son of William of Morville, who gives 20 s. to have seisin of the said land and is put in seisin of it and has sworn fealty. Walter the serjeant is to receive the pledges.


Deverill [Wiltshire]. Saturday after the feast of S. Leonard.

William Miller is at his law [to prove] that he was not the pledge of William Scut of Hull whose sheep were caught in the lambs' pasture. Pledges for his law, William Swineherd and Thomas Guner.

Arnold Smith is in mercy for not producing the said William Scut whose pledge he was.

The parson of the church is in mercy for his cow caught in the lord's meadow. Pledges, Thomas Guner and William Coke.

The township gives 2 marks for the Abbot's tallage.

From William Cobbe, William Coke and Walter Dogskin 2 s. for the ward of seven pigs belonging to Robert Gentil and for the damage that they did in the lord's corn. [Maitland believes that they were amerced for not guarding the lord's crops]

From Martin Shepherd 6 d. for the wound that he gave Pekin.


Povington [Dorset]. Monday after the feast of S. Lucy.

Geoffrey of Lutton [essoins himself by Ralph Quechepuke against Isabella Stephen's widow in a plea in which he had waged his law.

The whole township gives 2 1/2 marks for the Abbot's tallage.

Gonild de la Pole and John her son are in mercy for an injury done to Alice Webbe and her mother. Pledge, William of Whiteway. Fine, 6 d.

This text was taken from:
Maitland, F. W., ed. Select Pleas in Manorial and Other Seignorial Courts: Volume 1--Reigns of Henry III and Edward I. London: Bernard Quaritch, 1889.

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