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Internet African History Sourcebook

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This page is a subset of texts derived from the three major online Sourcebooks listed below, along with added texts and web site indicators. For more contextual information, for instance about Western imperialism, the Islamic world, or the history of a given period, check out these web sites.

Notes: In addition to direct links to documents, links are made to a number of other web resources.
Link to a secondary article, review or discussion on a given topic.
Link to a website focused on a specific issue.. These are not links to every site on a given topic, but to sites of serious educational value.


African History: General



Note that these "debates" may have more to do with Modern United States society than African history.

Black Athena Debate

Cheikh Anta Diop

Stolen Legacy

"Afrocentric" Websites

African Origins

Human Origins



The Old Kingdom (2705-2213 BCE) [Dynasties 3-8]

The Middle Kingdom (1991-1668 BCE) [Dynasties 12-13]

  • Hyskos Invasion, c.1750-1550 BCE

The New Kingdom (1570-1070 BCE) [Dynasties 18-20]

Akhnaten [Amenhotep IV](r. 1363-1347 BCE)

  • Akhnaten (r. 1363-1347 BCE): Hymn to Aten [At Internet Archive, from Creighton]
  • Akhnaten (r. 1363-1347 BCE): Hymn to Aten [At Eliade]

Post Imperial Egypt (1070-332 BCE) [Dynasties 21-31]


Art and Architecture



Everyday Life


Gender and Sexuality

Modern Perspectives on Egypt

Other Ancient African Societies



Libya and Western North Africa/Mauretania

Nok Culture


Greek and Roman Africa


  • Accounts of Ancient Nubia & Ethiopia, c. 430 BCE - 550 CE
    From Herodotus, Strabo, Diodorus, the King of Axum, and Procopius of Caesarea.
  • Accounts of Ancient Mauretania, c. 430 BCE- 550 CE
    From Herodotus, Strabo, and Procopius of Caesarea
  • The Periplus [At Internet Archive, from CCNY]
    Written by a Greek resident of Alexandria in Egypt during the first century BCE, this text is one of the oldest surviving accounts of the countries on Africa's east coast. A map gives some idea of the size and scope of Africa and of the author's journey.

Greek Colonies

Ptolemaic Egypt (323-30 BCE)

Roman Africa

Byzantine Africa

  • Procopius: The Reconquest of Africa, 534, from On the Wars IV:9
    A description of Belisarius' triumph, with Gelimer, King of the Vandal's in tow.

Ethiopia and Christianity


Africa and Islam





African Societies


West Africa


  • WEB Zimbabwe Slide Show [At Maricopa]
    A 23 image slide show on Great Zimbabwe with text.
  • Great Zimbabwe [At Then Again]
  • Great Zimbabwe Ruins
    Modern dating techniques indicate that the city was started around 1200 CE and occupied for about four centuries. For decades western researchers tried to deny that it was built by Africans. [It was!]

Bands and Segementary Societies



The Impact of Slavery


The Slave Trade

Enslaved People

The Ending of Slavery

European Imperialism


Analyses and Criticism of Imperialism

Exploration/Missionary Activities

British Africa

Belgian Africa

French Africa

German Africa

South Africa


The Fight for Independence




South Africa

Modern Africa


International Organizations

Continuing Imperialism


  • Angola Constitution, 1992 [At Bern]


  • The Islamic Salvation Front National Provisional Executive Bureau:
    Communique No. 42, Algiers, November 14 1993 [At Cornell]


  • WEB Mama for story
    Texts from David Zeitlyn and Ian Fowler on Cameroons.

Congo [Brazzaville]

  • Congo (Brazzaville) Constitution, 1992 [At Bern]

Congo [Zaire]



  • Eritrea Constitution (draft), 1996 [At Bern]



  • WEB Nijii [Momodou Camara's Homepage]



  • Liberia: UN Report (excerpts) Security Council S/1996/47, 23 January 1996 Fifteenth Progress Report. [At Africa Action]





  • Morocco Constitution, 1992 [At Bern]


  • 2ND Elizabeth Marshall Thomas: The Desert [At One World]
  • 2ND Elizabeth Marshall Thomas: The Birth [At One World]
  • Namibia Constitution, 1990 [At Bern]



  • Rwanda Constitution, 1991 [At Bern]
  • Violence and Unrest in Central Africa, The Atlantic Monthly, November 1996, [At The Atlantic, subscription required]
  • The Atlantic Report: Rwanda, The Atlantic Monthly, June 1964, [At The Atlantic, subscription required]
  • Stanley Meisler: Rwanda and Burundi, The Atlantic Monthly, September 1973, [At The Atlantic, subscription required]

South Africa




  • Rhodesia: Unilateral Declaration of Independence Documents, 1965  [At this Site]
    • Prime Minister Ian Smith: Announcement of Unilateral Declaration of Independence, November 11, 1965
    • Prime Minister Harold Wilson: The Position of the British Government on the Unilateral Declaration of Independenec by Rhodesia, Speech to Parliament, November 11,1965
    • Soviet Government Statement: The Situation in Southern Rhodesia, November 15, 1965

Gender and Sexualities in Modern Africa

Further Resources on African History

Other Resources

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