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§  Burton, Dan, Committee on Government Reform. For the courage to name names.

§  The Ethicist of New York Times Magazine who regularly answers anonymous ethical questions sent to

§  Al Gore, Vice President, for hosting Global Forum on Fighting Corruption, Feb. 24-26, Washington, DC and a useful CD of the proceedings discussing important policy issues.

§ Kaufman, Daniel, World Bank Institute for governance studies.

§ Noble, Ronald K., Professor of Law, New York University Law School for legal initiatives for fighting international corruption


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Transparency International’s corruption rank for this country in 2000=14, corruption perception index =7.8.  In 2001 the rank has slipped to 11 and index to 7.6 suggesting worsening corruption.


A link to US flag and information on what it stands for .



Corruption related Latest News Items of Interest for the ENTIRE USA and perhaps the world.

See below for links to news from individual States.

Annual Accountability Report 1 (Feb.2000) USAID-Office of Management and Budget’s    pilot program for streamlining government reporting as authorized by the Government Management Reform Act (GMRA) of 1994. This integrates several reports, links given.


The OECD anti-Corruption report for USA can be found at




Gilman, Stuart (1997) The Management Of Ethics And Conduct In The Public Service, US Federal Government. An excellent case study giving an overall view.


H. D. Vinod of Fordham University,

(Nov. 1999) “Bribe Paying Multinationals: How to improve the BPI for USA

(Nov. 1999) “Link Debt relief to fighting corruption

(Nov. 2000)  Moral Hazard In Legal Profession, Need For Outside Intervention And Corruption Reduction”

Freedom of Information Act USA link to detailed information.


The Index of Economic Freedom (by Driscoll-Holmes-Kirkpatrick) for 2001 places U.S. in the “Free” category with a rank of 6 (Ranks range from 1 for Hong Kong to 155 for North Korea, Wall Street Journal, Nov. 1, 2000). H. D. Vinod’s trimmed correlation analysis indicates that countries free from economic regulation are less corrupt. After allowing for some exceptions by 20% trimming, the correlation is near 0.9.


Too much corruption is perfectly legal, and the people who write the laws made it that way. Why the Center for Public Integrity pursues the mission it does; a commentary by Charles Lewis, founder and executive director..

Dec. 21, 2000.


Text of Anti-corruption Act of 2000.

Links to Burton committee, US customs etc.


Links to US Media:

The Big Sky Patriot A newsletter: corruption in the USA

CNN 1000+ documents on corruption  or

Fortune Magazine search

New York Times Search

Time Magazine Search


Washington Post Search

Wall Street Journal:


Corruption Information and News Stories by Individual States:

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Recent news. Worldwide corruption

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Resources which track corruption and provide information on good governance from around the world.

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