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WHAT IS NEW? Top two lines of corruption stories from various individual country pages from countries around the world.  Please visit individual country pages to read the full story.

Bribe Payer Index Released Oct. 2006 by Transparency International

Corruption Information Exchange

To promote Governance with Respect Ethics Accountability and Transparency (GREAT)


Description of our Project .

A Partial list of Volunteers and Advisors

GREAT Honor Roll

We honor and salute the following for their work for GREAT (Governance with Respect, Ethics, Accountability and Transparency).

Michael Camdessus, Chief of IMF for push for good government everywhere.

The Ethicist of New York Times Magazine who regularly answers anonymous ethical questions sent to


Mr. Anna Hazare, a well-known Gandhian style corruption fighter from India.


Dr. Peter Eigen, Chairman of Transparency International.


Dr. Frank Vogl, Vice Chairman Transparency International.


Dr. James D. Wolfensohn, President of World Bank for bringing the discussion of corruption into the forefront.


Justice Efren Plana, Philippines Bureau of Internal Revenue for innovations.


A pioneering effort called OPEN (Online Procedures Enhancement for civil applications) system is made in Seoul South Korea.  See URL:

The effort was started under Kun Goh, Mayor of Seoul, South Korea and continues under the new mayor Myung-bak Lee. Mr. Dai Ryoung Cho, Director General of Audit and Inspections is helping to create e-government around the world. In particular Prof. Vinod of IEEP thanks Mr. Cho for answering many practical questions and providing IEEP with an access to the software for OPEN at a meeting in Seoul City Hall on August 23, 2002.


Roman Catholic priest, Rev. John Anthony Kaiser, 67, gave his life on Aug. 24, 2000, for exposing corruption in Kenya. (New York Times, Aug. 25, 2000, item by Ian Fisher).





The Bible (eleventh commandment?) says: Thou shalt not take offerings, which make the clear-eyed blind and the words of the just, crooked. (Exodus 23: 1-3, 6-8).

Geeta, Ch. 16 defines corruption as any acquisition of wealth with injustice for shady purposes.  Ch. 18 (v31-32) Human mind finds excuses for corruption and even starts believing that it is proper.

DISCLAIMER: You are agreeing to a disclaimer mentioned earlier. Please let us know if you find any errors or omissions. We honor the brave individual who broke corruption stories, who provided vital evidence, etc. Please send us your nominations.

Further description of some items in the Right Panel shaded brown is provided on this home page.

A click on “Recent news of International Relevance” in the right panel gives the latest news items and information about corruption and governance.  For example, you can read further details about: (1) The Group of Seven leading industrialized nations announced a new campaign to deter money launderers and erode tax havens. (2) Interpol is an entity composed of 178 members states. It became actively involved in initiatives to curb corruption in April 1998.


Detailed news and information about corruption fight in 100+ individual countries and large regions (e.g., OECD, Latin America, etc.) is available. The corruption perception index (CPI) rank and other country-specific information is provided. Just click on the “Country Index.”  For large countries, state-specific web pages are created. We honor corruption fighters, news reporters and public prosecutors in some individual countries. You can join a discussion for each country by clicking on “New Topic” at a link provided there.

We provide additional wealth of information, references (e.g. Economics research journal references), government and non-government sources and numerous useful links about various organizations fighting corruption.  There is one link to Jehovah's Witness Watchtower articles on corruption.  Just click here on “Resources ” or along the right panel. As a further example of useful resource, we provide full text for “US Freedom of Information Act” and similar GREAT acts in UK and elsewhere. We hope that lawmakers in all countries would help pass similar legislation. We include information about ethics laws and definitions of “conflict of interest.”  Information about training programs, whistle blower protection is also worth copying. Our aim is to encourages sharing of information to avoid reinventing the wheel.

For quotes or One-Liners against corruption click on the word “One-Liners” in the right panel. We are hoping to translate these thoughts in various languages. We need more catchy one-liners and their appealing poetic translations in all languages of the world.  We hope that celebrities, scientists and VIPs in various countries lend their names in support to these thoughts and that newspapers and other media provide outlets to these one-liners as public service announcements.

Using ART to promote GREAT:

Art can obviously help improve governance and fight corruption. We post information about movies, documentaries, cartoons (click on Resources and go alphabetically to cartoons), novels, paintings, sculptures, etc. in web pages for individual countries.  Some examples are:

Movies are a powerful medium for fighting corruption. Click on individual countries (e.g. India) for local language examples. We seek further examples.  One example is Boiler Room written and directed by Ben Younger, produced by Team Todd is about Wall Street fraud-corruption. (NYTimes Review, Sunday Feb. 13, 2000, p. AR13).
“Proof of Life,” a Warner Brothers movie directed by Taylor Hackford is written by Tony Gilroy. Meg Ryan plays Alice Bowman and Russell Crowe plays Terry Thorne.  It is set in present-day South America, where there is massive corruption and selfishness, and where money rules everything. Terry fights corruption and rescues a kidnapping victim.

An excellent source for Asian films is:

Anti-corruption Plays:  Dario Fo, playwright and comic actor got the Nobel prize in 1997. He has written and staged five plays since then. He ridicules greed or hypocrisy. The larger the target the more malicious is his satire. With “Accidental Death of an Anarchist,” he attacked police corruption; in “We Won't Pay! We Won't Pay!”, where he staunchly defended beleaguered consumers, and in “About Face,” he crosscut the effects of terrorism and capitalism. (New York Times, September 23, 2000).“SAVED” by Edward Bond. It is a tale of a single mother, her embattled parents and the lover who helps kill his own infant son by stoning it to death in its carriage. The play's conclusion suggests that some people can retain certain goodness despite corruption all around. (NY Times February 23, 2001). Director Soderberg’s film “Traffic” shows drug wars and corruption.

Cartoons: Click here for some examples.  

Buying Influence a Subway Token?
Mr. Chung who gave $50,000 for Mrs. Clinton s senate campaign compared White House to a subway. You have to put in the coins to open the gates. (New York Times, March 15, 2000, p. A23).


Recent news of International Relevance.


Worldwide Country Index Gateway to the Latest corruption News, honors, other relevant information, etc. Alphabetic within each Region for each country.

Resources, which track corruption and provide information on good governance from around the world.

Quotes or One-Liners against corruption.

A Jingle-bells type poem against  corruption in Hindi language of India


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