New York/ the Bronx

 Frida at Hamilton

UNDP poverty group

Mareia Davalos and Darryl McLeod, Post-conflict Employment Creation for Stabilization & Poverty reduction


Is Poverty rising in Bangladesh?


Monitoring poverty reduction in middle income ctys: Bulgaria, Moldova, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras and Mexico

Dallas Fed

Apparel Exports & Education:  How Developing Nations Encourage Women’s Schooling (2006) with William C. Gruben


The Costs and Benefits of Fixed Dollar Exchange Rates in Latin America (1993) with John Welch

Is Foreign-Currency Indexed Debt a Commitment Technology? (1999) Some Evidence from Brazil and Mexico


Panel Econometrics course

Presentation at CBN 50th Anniversary conference, Abuja, Nigeria

Exchange rate policy for crisis and recovery

UCLA-NAID Packard Project

NACCS April 2011

Remittances, technology and financial access in TNHs

Remittances, Financial Innovation & women’s status

Norma Fuentes & Darryl McLeod



Wangari Maathai



Community Development


Urban-rural food alliances: perspectives on recent community food organizing 1976!


Turning Diversity to Advantage:

Community-based Strategies for

Promoting Fair Trade Entrepreneurs


Grand Pursuit New York Times Review

Sunny Keynes for dark days OpEd

 Economist reivew,  Wall Street Journal-

Businessweek-Bloomberg Roger Lowenstein

Washington Post    Four minute history of 20th Century


the Same Sun, Latin America Art show

At the Guggenheim, ends 

Move your Money Now:

The Concourse Fund

BBronx Latin American Art Biennial

Support Bethex, in the Bronx  or the Lower Eastside  People’s Credit Union… they support financial access for immigrants

Professor Maurizio Ambrosini from the University of Milan speaks on “Local Policies of Immigrant Exclusion in Southern Europe”

See Flyer or Flyer with papers


Darryl McLeod, Chair Economics Department at Fordham University


Office hours: Wed 7:30-9:30pm  Monday 4-5pm

E527 Dealy 718 817-0063 or  914 661-6998

Confirm at always

Other web pages


Fall 2016 classes

ECON 5450 Crises, Adjustment and Poverty

Wednesday 5:30pm 110 Dealy

Syllabus         Course Calendar

Convergence since 2000

R vs Stata for HH Survey data and VARs

Presentation/online tutorials Rosendo Ramirez, PhD, CIPS

New faces of Latin America…

ABC Presidents 1976 vs 2014






Inequality for All: free CIPS screening

Thursday, October 17, 2013, 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM (PDT)

Angelika Film Center & Café
18 West Houston Street at Bleecker New York 10012

Inequality for All CIPS/Honors Macro screening


Remembering Hugo Chavez, NPR

July 28, 1954 to March 5, 2013, President: Feb 2, 1999 – March 5, 2013,

United Socialist Party of Venezuela


Latin America’s new left regimes: who does more for the poor?   In

South of the Border  Leandra Peres says Brazil’s Lula d’Silva has done more,  see her article or see Nancy Birdsall, Nora Lustig, and me:

Declining Inequality in Latin America: Some Economics, Some Politics

CGD Working Paper #251 05/19/2011 now published in the

Routledge Handbook of Latin American Politics,

Peter Kingstone & Deborah Yashar, eds.(2012) Routledge,NY.

Poverty and Inequality under Latin America’s

New Left Regimes (with Nora Lustig,

Presented at November 2010 LACEA Medellin Colombia)

Real exchange rates and Productivity Growth

with Elitza Mileva

NY Dream Act Immigration Events


How fast did Developing Countries grow the 1990s? 

Economic Letters. DataSet (zipped excel file)

Choosing Among Rival Poverty Estimates: Tests for Latin America 

The Openness-Inflation Puzzle Revisited 

Applied Economics Letters dataset (spreadsheet)   dataset (zip file)

Capital Account Liberalization and Inflation

(2002) Economic Letters, October, 77,221-25.

Capital Account Liberalization and Disinflation in the 1990s ,

LACEA Rio 2000 Meetings, October 22, 2000

Capital Flows, Savings, and Growth in the 1990s

The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance

Volume 38, Issue 3, part 1,275-532  (Autumn 1998) .

Minimum Wages and Poverty in Developing Countries

Data Appendix- Table A-3 chapter 3 in Edwards, Sebastian and Nora Lustig, eds. Labor Markets in Latin America, Brookings Inst Press, Washington D.C. 1997.

See also Brookings Discussion Paper in International Economics #62, 1996

(Tables and figures available separately).

The Costs and Benefits of Fixed Dollar Exchange Rates in Latin America

Economic Review, 1st Quarter, 1993, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

Terms of Trade Fluctuations and Economic Growth

Journal of Development Economic, 37, 1992, pp. 89-110.





Summer session 2012 Class

Migration, Microfinance & Poverty

Syllabus  Course Calendar


Fall 2013 Classes

Honors Macroeconomics, ECON 1150 Syllabus

Econ 1150 course calendar 2:30-3:45 MR Dealy 304

Econ 3240 Poverty, Inequality & Mobility

Syllabus 201 Dealy 4-5:15pm  Course Calendar

Econ 6470: Economic Growth and Development

7:30pm Wed E-530 Dealy Hall

Syllabus   Course Calendar  


Darryl McLeod, Chair

Economics Department

E-527 Dealy Hall Fordham University

441 East Fordham Rd

Bronx NY, 10458


DOD scene from a “Beautiful Mind” film in the basement of Keating Hall


Econ 6470: Economic Growth and Development

Syllabus   Course calendar  112 Dealy Wed 7:30pm


ECON 3240 pOVERTY, Inequality & dEVELOPMENT

Syllabus M-Th 2:30 & 4pm 204 Dealy Econ 3240 Course Calendar


Summer session I 2013

Migration, Microfinance and Entrepreneurship:

pathways out of Poverty Graduate students &

Advanced Undergraduates welcome


  Global Great Gatsby Curve

LatAm high inequality, low mobility

Hans Rosling,  Gapminder



The best data in the world 1)

Climate Change


Villagereach youtube

   Cookstove Research Revival

U.S. #17 clean tech producer, China  #2

Climate change and Poverty






U.S. Mexico & CIPS Migration and Microfinance Summer course

Summer 2011 Alicia Portada (Union Settlement) Alfredo Cuecuecha (Ibero Americana) and Norma Fuentes 

Hispanos Causando Paniko

Dominican Today Post re Fordham Credit Union MOU


Summer 2012:

 Migration, Microfinance and Poverty ECON/SOCi 5808  (cross listed)

Resources for Graduate Students

Summer Tutorials

Panel Econometrics Tutorial

Migration & Microfinance

































Restaurants: Little Italy

 In the Bronx (718)

Zero otto nove  220 1027

Estrellita Poblana III 220 7641

MichaelAngelo’s   220-8455

2477 Arthur Ave

Roberto  718 733 9503

Modernist Cuisine, the art and science of cooking best cookbook by Nathan Myhrvold

Waiter, there is a Physicist in my Soup

Amazon, video


Summer session 2014 Class

Migration, Microfinance & Poverty

ECON 5808, MW 6-9pm FCRH