"A Discerning Community for Mission"

Our modern lives are busy, filled with many distractions and calls for our attention. Our family, work, church,

 neighborhood, friends, and our own personal needs all make legitimate demands on our energies. It is often difficult to keep our priorities centered on God's loving presence.

The CLC way of life invites us to encounter God in all the various aspects of our everyday life, reflect on these experiences, become more aware of God's activity in these experiences, and respond in ever more authentic ways to God's desire within our individual and our communal lives.

Essentials of CLC Formation

CLC is a specific vocation in the Roman Catholic Church.  Formation is ongoing and both flows from and leads to temporary/permanent commitment to the CLC way of life.  CLC members should have a clear understanding and ownership of the General Principles which give us the CLC vision.  There are three pillars of CLC : Spirituality, Community and Mission.

Spirituality: Deeply grounded in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, participation in faith sharing, annual retreat, regular prayer life, use of discernment and a discerning lifestyle, spiritual direction, and regular practice of the awareness examen.  
Sense of Community: CLC is part of the larger church. CLC is a world and national community.  Commitment and accountability to CLC are lived out both in the local community and in the larger CLC.  Communities grow through stages of development. This growth flows from individual and/or communal discernment. Competent guides are essential to this growth.  
Mission: Is the end for which community and spirituality exist. Flows from our Baptismal call to build the reign of God. This implies a fundamental option for the poor and an ability to read the signs of the times and a commitment of working toward a vision of a just world.


Is CLC right for you?   Consider the following:

Do You:
  • Want to learn more about personal prayer?
  • Search for further integration of your faith life and daily living?
  • Need guidance in how to reflect on your daily experiences?
  • Seek a process for learning God's will for you in your every day life?
  • Desire to share your own experience of God with others who share common desires and needs?
  • Want to hear others tell their faith stories?
  • Feel called to bring about God's Kingdom of peace, justice and love?

CLC Member are called to:
  • Personally commit to an Ignatian way of life;
  • Maintain a regular prayer life;
  • Use discernment in all aspects of life;
  • Follow a strong sacramental life especially the Eucharist.
  • Be committed to being a person of mission or service, a person for others;
  • Incorporate faith sharing with other members by listening respectfully to each other in a nonjudgmental atmosphere;
  • Be an agent of change in their own life's context.

Invitation to CLC  
Interested in further exploring CLC ?

In the NY Metro area
all of NY and the dioceses of Newark and Paterson in NJ),
please contact
Metro New York Christian Life Community 

Ann Marie Brennan
86 Lowell Road 
Glen Rock, NJ 07452 
email: annmariebrennan
   cell: 201-264-4829
Other areas of the USA or around the world
National USA site: www.clc-usa.org 
World CLC site:
National CLC of USA 
3601 Lindell Blvd 
St. Louis, MO 63108-3393