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Value Seminar course proposals should be prepared with the "Values Seminar Guidelines" in mind. Please complete this cover sheet, making reference to pertinent items on your syllabus, where appropriate. Answers can be as long as you need. Attach your syllabus, using browse to locate the file. Then submit.

Value Seminar Guidelines:

Goals: In this capstone seminar, students will learn that all knowledge and living involves values. The focus of each seminar will be the identification and questioning of ethical and moral issues in order to cultivate social responsibility in scholarship and living. Students will learn to confront complex problems from multiple points of view, to respect and converse with points of view other than their own, and to reflect on and intelligently discuss different approaches to the questions concerning how people live. Most importantly, this course aims to teach students to identify, take seriously, and think deeply and fairly about complex ethical issues in contemporary and former times. As a seminar in the eloquentia perfecta format, all the skills developed in the core curriculum will culminate: close reading, analysis, critical thinking, and eloquent verbal and written expression. Finally, as one of the capstones to the undergraduate core, these seminars will allow students to recollect and integrate their undergraduate learning with an eye towards its application in their later lives.

When submitting your proposal, please make sure that you have addressed the following points:

  1. Both the syllabus and application should directly and explicitly identify a) the moral/ethical issues and social responsibilities to be explored, and b) how multiple viewpoints of these issues will be addressed. In addition to providing important information for the subcommittee, this will clarify the underlying focus of the course to enrolled or interested students.
  2. The course’s approach to the identification, questioning, and discussion of these issues, including pedagogy, should be identified in the syllabus. Ethical and moral issues should ideally be interwoven throughout the course and not focused on in a handful of class meetings.
  3. The application or syllabus should explicitly identify how the readings will address senior values issues from multiple points of view and/or foster discussion of these issues. If multiple points of view are expressed in a single text, the application should clarify the multiple valences/viewpoints that are internal to the text or that will be presented in classroom discussion.
  4. Since senior values seminars are capstone courses, the syllabus should indicate how the course will challenge students to integrate their experiences and core curriculum education, resulting in a more well rounded discussion of ethical/moral issues and social responsibility.
  5. Although the ethical and moral issues involved in the course and the readings may seem obvious, please assume that the subcommittee is not familiar with the topic, ethical/moral issues involved, or readings when preparing your application.

Note: Those submitting a Value Seminar proposal must also fill out the Eloquentia Perfecta cover sheet for evaluation as an EP4 seminar and submit to the EP subcommittee.

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