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Interdisciplinary Capstone Core proposals should be prepared with the "Interdisciplinary Capstone Core Guidelines" in mind. Please complete this cover sheet, making reference to pertinent items on your syllabus, where appropriate. Answers can be as long as you need. Attach your syllabus, using browse to locate the file. Then submit.

Interdisciplinary Capstone Core Guidelines

Goals: Courses offered to fulfill this final requirement in the Literature/History/Social Science sequence use interdisciplinary study to bring students to a higher level of understanding through learning the limits of disciplinary. By focusing on and comparing multiple methodologies, students will develop a more reflective appreciation of the interrelationships among various disciplinary ways of knowing, and of the ways in which Literature, History, and/or Social Science give rise to knowledge and may lead to higher level syntheses and comparisons.

Description: Each course will feature at least two disciplines, at least one involving Literature, History, or Social Science, that conceive and study a common topic or problem. These courses will likely be topical and will involve the detailed study of complex subject matter from the point of view of more than one discipline. The courses are expected to use original sources — texts, documents, objects, materials and data — characteristic of the disciplines featured. Depending on instructors or topics, the disciplines may be related in various ways; for instance, the examination of how different disciplines can be integrated in order to solve a complex problem that neither discipline alone could solve; a dialog between or across disciplines that engenders an expanded and enriched perspective; or the confrontation of two conflicting methodologies that engender tension and opposing conclusions.

Taught by an individual, or by two or more instructors, with a cap of 19 students per instructor, the format is open to the instructor(s) but expected to include discussion and presentations typical of a seminar.

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