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EP course proposals should be prepared with the "EP Guidelines" in mind. Please complete this cover sheet, making reference to pertinent items on your syllabus, where appropriate. Answers can be as long as you need. Attach your syllabus, using browse to locate the file. Then submit.

Eloquentia Perfecta Guidelines

Goals: Fordham University's core curriculum requires students to take four seminars, dedicated to achieving excellence in eloquence (i.e., Eloquentia Perfecta seminars, hereafter "EP seminars"). These courses focus on developing the communicative skill of students and are designed to help them achieve excellence in writing and speaking with clarity and logical cogency.

Enrollment will be limited to 19 students per section. EP seminars are to be both writing-intensive and speaking-intensive courses. Feedback on both speaking and writing is a key component of an EP course.

Seminars may employ various pedagogical methods in order to achieve a level of intensity sufficient to promote and refine the communicative skills of the students. Such methods may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • class discussion and/or debate
  • oral presentations by individuals and/or groups
  • study of grammar, style, rhetoric, or logic
  • class work on essay assignments
  • peer review and editing of student essays
  • guided-group analysis of student essays
  • study of discipline-specific writing techniques
  • Socratic dialogue between professor and students

Methods ought to be adapted to the skill-level typical of a particular student year. For example, a freshman seminar, or EP-1 course, might use group presentations and small-group, peer evaluation of student writing, while a senior seminar, or EP-4 class, might require individual student presentations or student leadership of discussions. A seamless integration of oral and written expression is desirable.

Course Requirements: Proposals for EP seminars ought to detail the course requirements and pedagogical methods to be employed as well as the methods that will be used to ensure participation and to provide feedback. A minimum of one-fifth of overall class time during the semester is to be dedicated to student writing and speaking with feedback. A minimum of 15 pages of written work edited to final-draft quality, i.e. generated by at least one cycle of feedback and revision, should be required from each student. This written work may be divided into a number of shorter assignments throughout the semester, so that progress can be measured and feedback provided.

In order to remain dynamic, EP courses will—and probably should evolve over time. Instructors need re-submit their syllabi only if they are making substantial changes to the oral and written components of the course or significantly altering their methodology. If you making such changes, please explain below.

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A. How will the minimum of fifteen pages of writing, based on at least one cycle of feedback and revision, be assigned for this course? *
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