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In 2014, I will be on leave for the calendar year working first at the Vietnam Institute for Advanced Studies in Mathematics in Hanoi from January through mid-March where I will be running a series of workshops on birational geometry and stability of moduli stacks and spaces of curves, then through the end of June in Istanbul at the Center for Mathematical Studies and Galatasaray University where I will give a short course on GIT and its applications to moduli and finally at the Universities of Firenze and Roma III in the fall where I will give similar short courses.

I will also be working during my leave on a concise calculus text for intending scientists. The text has several goals. The first is to allow a more rigorous presentation of the basic material by restricting attention primarily to piecewise monotonic functions. The second is to offer the problems and examples as a series of interactive SAGE notebooks so that students have "always on" computational support. Eventually, I would also like to allow students to enter answers in handwritten form on touchscreen devices and have apps automatically convert this input to LaTeX format for grading and feedback.

I will be continuing ongoing research on applying symbolic computational methods to get information on moduli spaces of stable curves and stability of low degree Hilbert points of such curves and joint work with David Swinarski on "factorization" problems for dice. You can find a more discussion, and get my papers, at my publications and research interests pages.

My coordinates page lists various ways of contacting me and my schedule page gives details of when and where I teach, hold office hours and serve on University committees.
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