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Annual Gifts Add Up

Annual Gifts Add Up


When patent lawyer and biologist Laura Coruzzi, Ph.D. (TMC '73, GSAS '75 and '79, LAW '85), got married, her uncle made the toast. "The two of you have achieved a lot," he told her and her fellow scientist husband, "but don't forget to give back to society because you didn’t get here on your own."

Soon after the couple had their daughter, the four-time Fordham graduate honored her uncle’s wishes. She made her first contribution to the Fordham Fund, a $100 gift, in 1992.

To date, her gifts to Fordham total nearly 100 times that amount. "I didn’t really have a plan," Coruzzi said of that first gift. "I just felt like I had to start paying back. I started small and became more involved." The continuity of the connection, she said, became important to her.

Unrestricted gifts to the University's annual fund provide immediate and critical support to the University. Regular donations like Coruzzi's also help bridge the gap between the actual cost of a Fordham education and tuition.



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