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STAT I, Course Outline and Policies Spring 2017


  Descriptive Statistics Complete Example


A log of homework Assignments and Announcements


R as a calculator and programming language




Notes on Chapter 3 freq.dist. etc.

  Descriptive Statistics Overhead

Practice Example(s)  Second practice example for descriptive statistics.   Notes on Chapter 4 trimmed mean, group data mean, mode, variance etc.  Further Notes and examples on Trimmed Mean



Class notes for Contingency tables, independence, Bayes theorem etc.


Notes on probability theory

Notes on controversy about Bayes theorem (NY Times story)

Binomial Distribution Notes,

Poisson Distribution Notes, 

Hypergeometric Distribution Notes,

Normal distribution Notes and area under the standard normal curve.  Tables of Normal Integral

 Uniform Density Answers to even number problems

Approximating the Binomial by the Normal

Sampling Distribution and CLT

Review of Basic Properties of Distributions



Instructions on how to get your access code from Quant Systems, go to  Look in the left column under students “Get your access code”  Note that we are using regular statistics, NOT business stats (latter seems to be unnecessarily watered down)


  Jargon items for Stat I


Be dazzled by various statistical stories on the net

Following links are to pdf files created with the beautiful Latex system.




Quantiles of t and Normal


Using Sharpe Ratio to choose between uncertain prospects


Answers to Quiz 2 (old)


STAT 2    Spring 2012

All Announcements updated regularly.

Course Syllabus

                 Confidence Intervals

                 Hypothesis Testing

                 Hypothesis Testing 2

Midterm test problems for preparation

Answers to the midterm preparation problems



Answers to Midterm


Basic Excel Notes


Notes on Using Excel for Regression


Notes for chapters 5, 12 and 13 Correlation and Regression theory

Multiple Regression Notes 

Notes on using Excel for scatter plots


Chi-square test of Association

Chi-square test of goodness of fit in Excel


Learn Double Summation Notation



One-way ANOVA problem, its Answer

One-way ANOVA viewed as a Regression Problem with dummy regressors.

Two-way ANOVA problem, without replication and its Answer

2WayANOVA without replication exercises in EXCEL

R-ANOVA 2 way (2factor without replication) program


Two-way ANOVA with replication an Interaction (Row x Column) Effects. problem, its Answer

2-wayANOVAwith replication

second example and R program  with replications and TRELLIS



Program in R for minimax regret computation

Construct payoff table 

Excel Example of Minimax regret etc.

manual for WebTest also available at

see also

left column see and manuals


Corruption data for regressions and correlations, an EXCEL workbook file

Other Data Sources on the Web

Some fun sources for learning Regression Methods.

Further theory link to a web source 

Animated stats  using R

Dartmouth college lectures and cool data sources for stat teachers.


Some business statistics resources are at:


Jargon items for Stat II.


Information about your term paper about regression application. Abstract is due 10 days before the start of Easter holiday. Complete typed paper (4-5 pages) is due one day before the start of the Easter break.

 An example of a term paper by Mr. J. Catapano using the R software freely downloaded by Googling the word r-project and clicking …




Excel workbook for Ahern’s data with answers


A simple example showing why Excel is numerically unreliable and why R is reliable


Final grades


Free Software Tools by Vinod in GAUSS language and some math-typing tricks in MS-Word.

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