Scatter plots can be done in Excel as follows.


You will need to cut and paste the columns in such a way that

X is first and then Y  for the first scatter plot.

For example, you may paste X in column G and Y in column H of Excel.

Z first and then Y for the second scatter plot.

For example, you may paste Z in column E and Y in column F of Excel.


Now click on chart wizard icon of Excel  (it is a picture of a bar chart)

Among the types of graphs, choose XY (scartter)

Type the range of two adjacent columns as G2:H26  say if your numbers start in row 2 and end in row 26.  Then click on next.  Then provide title for chart

e.g. “scatterplot of  CPI against income”

label the y axis as the name of your y variable  (e.g. CPI)

click  Next

step 4 of 4 in chart wizard asks for chart location.  Choose as a new sheet..

Now print this sheet and attach to your term paper.


Print the scatter plots and attach them to your term paper.  This may require

Shrinking the plots on a Xerox machine equipped to shrink and then paste them on a regular 8.5 by 11 inch paper.  The discussion of the plot should say the direction of the scatter (e.g. upward sloping, nonlinear).

If the scatter is too scattered, it suggests that the relation between y and x is weak.