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Transparency International’s corruption rank for this country in 2000 is absent and means that international investment is discouraged by excessive corruption.


ALBANIA ARRESTS OFFICIALS FOR CORRUPTION Deputy Minister of Public Order, Bujar Himci, the head of the Police Directorate, Veli Myftari, and the former head of the National Procurement Agency, Arben Prifti were among a number of senior officials arrested in suspect of a involvement in a corruption scandal which was said to relate to an international tender last year for producing new Albanian passport, costing the government an extra $2.8m, said the Prosecutors. It's said that Prime minister Fatos Nano has promised to be hard of corruption and crime when he took office in August. (BBC News, 05 Oct 2002, summary by Hanh Vu).


Vice governor of Albanian central bank arrested on corruption charges. The vice governor of Albania’s central bank has been arrested for alleged abuse of power, a spokeswoman from the Prosecutor General’s office. The high-ranking government official, Dhame Pite, was arrested evening for allegedly violating the duties of his office and "violating the equality of subjects in tenders," the spokeswoman, Eva Londo, told The Associated Press. She refused to provide further details, but the Albanian media have reported that Pite was linked to alleged irregularities in granting a French company a contract to print bank notes for the central bank. Auditors from the state control commission, which monitors the accounting of government agencies, later discovered that the government paid an additional US$583,000 for what the French company said were needed additional security elements for the bank notes. The commission said the added cost for which Pite had signed his approval could not be justified. (Yahoo News, October 1, 2002, summary by Sherldine Tomlinson).


LAWYERS SPEAK OUT ON CORRUPTION IN THE JUDICIARY. Parliamentary Select Committee on the Judiciary has conducted a public hearing about the perceived corruption in the Ghanaian judiciary. According to Mr Ackaah Gyasi, a Takoradi-based legal practitioner, "it is undeniable fact that there is massive corruption going on in our judicial system. We, the lawyers, the judges and the judicial staff, are all contributors to this canker in our judicial system." Hon Osei Prempeh, the chairman of the committee has assured the participants that they are immune from prosecution about every revelation and statement they would make. (BBC Monitoring Service- the Ghanaian Chronicle, September 13, 2002, summary by Pavlidis George).


A FOURTH MINISTER RESIGNS OVER CORRUPTION ACCUSATIONS  Following in the wake of the resignations of the Finance Minister, Anastas Angjeli, the Economy and Privatisation minister, Mustafa Muci, and the Public Works and Tourism Minister Bashkim Fino, a fourth minister in the Socialist Prime Minister Ilir Meta’s government, the Food and Agriculture Minister, Agron Duka, has also resigned. Head of the Socialist party, Mr. Fatos Nano, a one-time close associate of the Prime Minister, has been waging a war on corruption in the Government for the last three weeks with accusations of corruption, influence peddling in privatisation projects and abuse of power against most ministers, which preceded the spate of resignations, leading to a split in the ruling party. Nano has called for a special meeting to resolve the crisis within the party while the Prime Minister has stated his intentions of continuing with his duties, including adopting measures to curb corruption and organised crime.  (The Times of India, December 6, 2001, summary by Aruna Balakrishnan).


Trial of Three Pyramid Schemes to start in September (Albaniannews, 17.8.00,


The Index of Economic Freedom (by Driscoll-Holmes-Kirkpatrick) for 2001 places Albania in the  “Mostly Unfree” category with a rank of 110 (Ranks range from 1 for Hong Kong to 155 for North Korea, Wall Street Journal, Nov. 1, 2000). H. D. Vinod’s trimmed correlation analysis indicates that countries free from economic regulation are less corrupt. After allowing for some exceptions by 20% trimming, the correlation is near 0.9.


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