Vinod (2008) “Hands On Intermediate Econometrics Using R: Templates for Extending Dozens of Practical Examples.”  World Scientific Publishers: Hackensack, NJ (201) 487 9655 . Book is sold at the usual sites including Amazon.

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some reviews / endorsements.   ISBN 10 981-281-885-5





Errata for the CD which accompanies the book. These are revisions to the R snippets.


Most exercises contain detailed answers with R code


Exercises with some answers  for R coding, Chapter 1: Microeconometric Preliminaries (production /cost functions)


Exercises2 with some answers  for Chapter 2 Univariate Time Series Analysis  (ARIMA, GARCH)


Exercises3  with some answers for Chapter 3: Bivariate Time Series Analysis Including Stochastic Diffusion and Cointegration


Exercises4  with some answers for Chapter 4: Utility Theory and Empirical Implications (non-expected utility, stochastic dominance)


Exercises5  with some answers for Chapter 5: Vector Models for Multivariate Problems (Causality, Impulse response, canonical correlations)


Exercises6  with some answers for Chapter 6: Simultaneous Equation Models


Exercises7  with some answers for Chapter 7: Limited Dependent Variable (GLM) Models


Exercises8  with some answers for Chapter 8: Dynamic Optimization and Empirical Analysis

of Consumer Behavior (kernel estimation, Wiener-Hopf)


 Exercises9  with some answers for Chapter 9 Single, Double and Maximum Entropy bootstrap and Inference


 Exercises10  with some answers for Chapter 10 Generalized Least Squares, VARMA, and Estimating Functions


Exercises11  with some answers for Chapter 11 Box–Cox, Loess and Projection Pursuit Regression


Exercises Contributed by Readers with some answers and R code


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for data analysts from all fields.  See


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