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Why Sharing Is Bad?

Why Sharing Is Bad?

"Hey, did you hear what happened to Joe?  He was sharing all of his music through MyFiles and they found out about it.  Now, he is going to have to pay some big bucks..."

We read more about it everyday.  The MPAA and RIAA are going after people that are sharing music, software and movies.  And they are winning big judgments.  The law is on their side.  What you may think are innocent actions like sharing a song or movie are actually illegal acts.  If found out, the University can take action against you as well, since you have violated the University's Acceptable Use Policy.   And the University is not liable for your actions.  We can and will turn over all evidence to the investigating body. 


You want more info?  Check out the following:

So to review:

Do not use peer to peer file sharing programs

Never upload and share copyrighted music, movies or software to MyFiles, Blackboard, or share them for your PC.

Don't be like Joe!

For additional assistance or information, please contact IT Customer Care at  718-817-3999  or via e-mail



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