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Identity Theft

How Can I Tell If My Information Has Been Stolen?
Any sort of changes in your accounts that have not been made by you are signs that your information may have been stolen. Some things to look out for include:
  • unusual or unexplainable charges on your bills
  • phone calls or bills for accounts, products, or services that you do not have
  • failure to receive regular bills or mail
  • new, strange accounts appearing on your credit report
  • unexpected denial of your credit card

What Can I Do If My Information Has Been Stolen?
Contact Fordham University immediately if you feel your information has been stolen or misused by another person. Also contact other companies that may have personal or financial information on you. Get in touch with the three US credit reporting companies and also file a police report to minimize any possible damage. The longer you wait, the bigger the damage whereas the quicker you act, the less you have to lose.

Do You Think You Are A Victim of Identity Theft?
Please read an article from the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team in which they describe how identity theft works and ways in which you can minimize your vulnerability.

For additional assistance or information, please contact the University Help Desk at  718-817-3999  or via e-mail

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