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Fordham IT is committed to promoting information security awareness.

This website serves as a conduit to the IT security information we all need to become more aware of today's security issues. It is not enough to always think about about IT security - we need to put it to practice.

Everyone has an important role to play in protecting themselves and the workplace from cybercrime. Users are often consistently cited as among the weakest links in securing workplaces. This is due to a lack of security awareness and the failure to follow security rules and policies. Fordham IT understands these issues and seeks to mitigate them through our IT security awareness campaign.

In addition to increasing security awareness, the University Information Security Office (UISO) was recently created to take the lead on the overall direction of Information Security functions relating to Fordham University. They are accountable for developing information security policy, building a culture of information security and educating the University concerning the implications of legislative requirements.

Fordham IT, while providing guidance, resources and protection, can not do this alone. IT Security is up to all of us. Without you taking responsibility for your actions we are all at risk. The following resources and guidelines are intended not only for when you are connected to the Fordham University network but should be applied to any computer you use from any location in the world.

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Network Security—
Fordham NAC
All users with desktops and laptop computers in the residence halls and on the wireless networks are evaluated for security compliance. Users are challenged by an authentication procedure to ensure that they have the right to access the Fordham network. Computers are checked to verify that our minimum compliance standards are met. In addition, computers are also checked for an active personal firewall.
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Mobile Device Agreement [ click here ]

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