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University Data Centers


University Data Centers

In early 2007, Fordham IT began the process of making substantial improvements to the University Data Centers in an effort to improve and modernize. The new facilities at Lincoln Center and Rose Hill were designed with a high level of risk management components and to operate at an exponentially higher level of efficiency. Fordham University now boasts two first-rate Data Centers that assist in the University's effort to cut carbon emissions as per a pledge to participate in the PlaNYC effort. 

Efficiency Features
  • Hot Aisle Containment System - Regulates air temperature within each server aisle, resulting in 30% more efficient cooling.
  • Air-tight facility & Increased Insulation - Zero conditioned air is lost in the cooling process and less energy is require for air-conditioning.
  • Free cooling technology - When the outside temperature drops to an acceptable cooling level, outside air passes through the cooling system naturally cooling each aisle.

Both data centers have been fully operational since January 2008.


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