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Welcome to the new FORDHAM MAIL for Faculty & Staff, powered by Google!

I am pleased to announce that the University’s faculty and staff will join our students and alumni on a new messaging platform, Google Gmail.

The thoughtful input and feedback on email needs that many faculty and staff provided via focus groups, surveys and meetings has been greatly appreciated and contributed to this decision.

Over the coming months, Fordham Mail powered by Google will be available to faculty and staff. Fordham IT will provide as much, or as little, assistance as needed to each individual and will communicate often about migrating, or moving, to this new email system.

Thanks and welcome to Gmail!

Frank J.Sirianni, Ph.D.
Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Fordham University

Check out the following for more info:

For more information on Gmail, please visit

For more information on Calendar, please visit

For more information on Contacts, please visit

Gmail FAQs by Google can be found at

For the Fordham Gmail Quick Reference, please visit the portal - Employee Tab - Documentation & Guides Channel - Quick Reference Site

Note: The above links may state "business", however the content is the same for education.

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