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Communications & Collaboration

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communications & collaboration

Due to the continual offerings of new functionality by email providers, Fordham Unive
rsity is currently evaluating and testing email and collaboration suites for staff and faculty. Survey findings indicate that email, contacts, address books and calendaring are the functional needs that have the highest priority. 

The Communications & Collaboration Initiative will ultimately help facultyand staff at Fordham to connect and collaborate with each other and with students in an efficient and productive way using the latest technology. These newer email and collaboration systems are more robust and will make it easier to find, reach, and collaborate effectively with others.

Over the last few months, Fordham IT held a number of focus groups with Universit
y faculty, staff and administrators to better understand the needs and requirements of the Fordham community for a collaboration based system. Major themes emerged from the focus groups including: improved access and interoperability, improved calendaring and mailing functionality, and improved document sharing and collaboration.
The Fordham IT project team is extremely appreciative of everyone who participated in the focus group. Having direct feedback from our business partners is key to
finding the best solution for Fordham.  

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