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Reminder: the IT Preventative Maintenance window is every Thursday and Friday from 5:00 to 8:30 AM.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of the below - please contact the IT Customer Care at (718) 817-3999 or via e-mail to

Enabling Compatibility View in Internet Explorer 10
Internet Explorer 10 is the latest version of Microsoft's web browser. New versions of web browsers like IE 10 may have issues displaying older web sites. For example, images might not show up, menus might be out of place, and text boxes could be jumbled together.

When these types of issues occur, you can place Internet Explorer 10 into Compatibility View to resolve the viewing issue. Once you enter Compatibility Viewing for a web site, your computer will remember that for future visits to that particular site.

Fordham IT has identified the following sites where it may be necessary to use Compatibility Viewing:
· Banner Reporting
· Project Server
· Service Desk Express,

Information regarding Compatibility Viewing andhow to enable it is available at:

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact IT Customer Care at (718) 817-3999 or via email to:

Access HR Phase 2
In May Finance announced that effective September 10, 2010, employees receiving direct deposit will view their pay stub advice via AccessHR, (a self service application available on on the Employee tab). AccessHR isacollaboration between Finance and Fordham IT, in support of the Program to Improve Business Practices (PIBP) and in line with Fordham's green campus initiative. In addition to reducing printing and resources required to produce printed advices, employees are able to: View their advice up to three days earlier, View additional information not available on printed advices, Quickly access payroll information on demand, Print their advices locally and update contact information in real time. In an effort to accommodate all employees, an opt-out option is currently available. If you choose to continue to receive printed pay advices, please visit the AccessHR channel and select the opt-out option. Selecting to opt-out through the AccessHR channel will submit a request directly to the Payroll Department.

For a glimpse at the benefits of self service click the AccessHR Flyer.

If you are interested in other PIBP initiatives please refer to the PIBP webpage.

Lotus Notes Shutdown

July 11, 2013 As we continue our efforts to close-out the Gmail migration project, this is a reminder that the University will be shutting down Lotus Notes on July 11, 2013.

Please note: As of July 11, 2013 you will no longer have access to your Lotus Notes account.

As part of the migration process from Lotus Notes to Google Apps, Fordham IT moved eight (8) years of your email history to your Gmail account.

Email messages that did not not migrate as part of the migration process:
· Any attachment larger than 25mb
· Any mail message totaling more than 25mb (includes content of message + total of all      attachments)
· Any executable file (EXE) contained in an email attachment
· Any ZIP or compressed file that contains an executable file
· Email messages older than 8 years from the start date of your migration to Gmail

If you feel that you may require access to any of the above email messages please contact IT Customer Care at (718) 817-3999 or via email to: for assistance.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact IT Customer Care at (718) 817-3999 or via email to:

We thank you inadvance for yourcooperation and patience as we work to complete the University move to Gmail.

Banner HR Town Hall Sessions
Banner Human Resourcesis scheduled to go-live on January 1, 2011. We are pleased to inform the University Community about several new features in our personnel system. To introduce Banner functionality and some of the applicable policy changes, Human Resources and Payroll, in partnership with Fordham IT, are hosting eight "Town Hall" style sessions for all Faculty and Staff.

If you are involved in time sheet entry, approval or are interested in receiving an overview of Banner HR Employee Self Service, please join us during one of the sessions scheduled during the weeks of November 29th and December 6th on all three campuses.

These sessions are not "hands on" but will provide an overview of Banner Human Resources. In order to accommodate all participants, please ensure that you register for one of the Banner HR Town Hall sessions located at:

Town Hall sessions will cover the following topics:

• Overview of new electronic web timesheet entry, approval processes and procedures
• A live demonstration of Banner HR web time entry and approval functionality
• Overview of Banner HR Employee Self Service features
• Question and Answer period for Human Resources, Payroll and Fordham IT Sessions are scheduled as follows:

Westchester December 1, 2010 – 9 am to 12 pm Room 230
Lincoln Center December 1, 2010 – 2 pm to 5 pm Lowenstein, 12th Floor Lounge
Lincoln Center December 2, 2010 – 9 am to 12 pm Lowenstein, Room 309
Lincoln Center December 2, 2010 – 2 pm to 5 pm Lowenstein, Room 309
Rose Hill December 6, 2010 – 9 am to 12 pm Walsh Library, Flom Auditorium
Rose Hill December 6, 2010 – 2 pm to 5 pm Walsh Library, Flom Auditorium
Rose Hill December 7, 2010 – 9 am to 12 pm Walsh Library, Flom Auditorium
Rose Hill December 7, 2010 – 2 pm to 5 pm Walsh Library, Flom Auditorium

Additionally, five open lab sessions are scheduled to assist in timesheet submission for the January 14, 2011 payroll period. These open labs will be available to anyone who needs onsite support processing their online time sheets or approvals. Open lab sessions are scheduled as follows:

Rose Hill January 4, 2011 – 9 am to 12 pm Dealy Hall E-205

Rose Hill January 4, 2011 – 2pm to 5 pm Dealy Hall E-205

Lincoln Center January 5, 2011 – 9 am to 12 pm Lowenstein, Room 304

Lincoln Center January 5, 2011 – 2 pm to 5 pm Lowenstein, Room 304

Westchester January 6, 2011 – 9 am to 12 pm Room 217

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact
IT Customer Care at (718) 817-3999 or via email at:

Banner Finance is now Live!
Congratulations to the Confirmare project team and all involved in the Banner Finance Go-Live.

Banner Finance is now Live!

Those of you with access to Banner Finance should now be able to view your Financial Advisor and Banner Finance Self-Service features within the University portal,

To the Confirmare project team and all involved in the rollout - please accept our heartfelt thanks for your hard work and dedication over the past several months.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact
IT Customer Care at (718) 817-3999
or via e-mail at

Support for Internet Explorer 8 and Windows 7/XP
Fordham IT is pleased to announce IT Customer Care  is now supporting the following combinations of Microsoft products:
Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8
Windows XP and Internet Explorer 8
Please be aware that Vista is not officially supported by the University. However, support of Vista and Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) consists of best effort.

Please visit the Windows 7 Compatibility page for results of Windows 7 & University applications compatibility testing. For information regarding the deployment and support of Windows 7, visit the Windows 7 page.

If you have any questions or concerns, or experience any issues with University applications and Windows 7/XP or IE8, please contact IT Customer Care at (718) 817-3999 or via e-mail to

AccessHR Phase I
The Office of Human Resource Management & Fordham IT introduces AccessHR
AccessHR will provide a real time view of employee  information as it appears in the University's Human Resource System (HRS). Employees will be able to view their current earnings, historical earnings, active benefits, biographical data, addresses, past positions and much more. As an added feature, you will be able to update address information on file as well as your emergency contact information. With AccessHR and single sign-on, you will not have to remember multiple passwords and can easily access AccessHR by visiting More information regarding AccessHR can be found

Fordham's New Portal
We are pleased to announce the launch of the Fordham University portal,

Over time, as new services are added, MyFordham will become the gateway to all Fordham University's online services. With one login, the portal will provide students, faculty,staff and alumni with access to announcements, academic resources, library databases, collaboration tools, MyFiles, email, registration, financial aid, bill payment, academic course information and more.

The power and potential of this new tool will become evident as you become familiar with its capabilities and as more services are integrated. MyFordham both aggregates the University's online resources in one location and provides a new communications channel facilitating even more effective delivery of information and academic community.

We encourage you to make MyFordham your new homepage.

To access MyFordham:

You will be prompted for your username and password. If you don't have one yet, click the 'Claim your AccessIT ID'.

MyFordham works best with MS Internet Explorer.

Please provide feedback to:

If you have any questions orconcerns, please contactthe

IT Customer Care at (718) 817-3999 or via email to: 

MyFiles{Network Storage is available now for your use!


Effective immediately, MyFiles (storage network) is available for your use. Please log in at: to claim your AccessIT ID and Password and access MyFiles, your network storage resource.

Fordham University AccessIT ID:

The first step in this process of securing network storagewill be to Claim a new permanent Identity.
In the coming weeks and months, additional IT services (e.g. E-mail, Cisco Clean Access, and VPN) will be layered on top of this identity, allowing for a unified AccessIT ID and password for these services. Additionally, as the University rolls out its new administrative systems (Student Information System, On-line Registration) you will use this same Identity to gain access with reduced sign-on to all these systems.

Why MyFiles?

MyFiles is intuitive and easy to use.
It allows you to create folders, upload files, share folders,create wikis and connect to shared folders.
You can also back-up pictures, photos, and coursework.
It also eliminates theneed for USB drives andreduces paper and printing costs.
Copyrighted Material Reminder:

Fordham community members must not use this or any other University resource to share or distribute copyrighted materials. Doing so violates the University's Acceptable Use Policy as well as Federal CopyrightLaws.

If you have any difficulty claiming your account, questionsor concerns about MyFiles, please contact IT Customer Care at(718) 817-3999 or viae-mail to:


Normalization of Technology Maintenance Schedule
In order to normalize the scheduling of maintenance for information and technology services, Fordham IT is now reserving every Thursday and Friday morning between 5:00 AM and 8:30 AM to perform Preventative Maintenance (PM).

software patches, fixes and upgrades [e.g., upgrades to SIS, such as applying new Federal Regulations code to Financial Aid components];
hardware installs and upgrades [e.g., an additional server for redundancy so that e-mail remains up if a server goes down];
quality assurance testing [e.g., to ensure what we've done works];

Notification of the regular PM schedule as well as critical repair events are posted on the Fordham IT website on the IT News Room page. 

Banner Finance Town Hall Meetings


Banner Finance is due to go-live on July 1, 2010. We wish to alert all Faculty and Administrators about this important change in our accounting system. With this in mind Finance in partnership with Fordham IT are hosting three "Town Hall” style sessions for all Faculty and Administrators.

Even if you are not a Budget Manager but are involved in preparing the budget, check requests, requisitions, or some other financial transactions you may be interested in attending one of the "Town Hall” sessions scheduled for the week of May 25th. on all three campuses.

These sessions are not "hands on" but will provide an overview of Banner Finance, discuss various policy changes and allow time to address questions to both Finance and Fordham IT staff present.

Registration for these sessions is not necessary, just walk in.

Sessions are scheduled as follows:

     Lincoln Center: May 25, 2010, 12 noon & 3:30 PM - Lowenstein Room 309
     Westchester: May 26, 2010, 12 noon & 3:30 PM - Room 217
     Rose Hill: May 27, 2010, 12 noon & 3:30 PM - Walsh Library, Flom Auditorium

These sessions will include:
  • Information on the new chart of accounts
  • A live demonstration of Banner functionality
  • A discussion of the new policies and procedures
  • Question and Answer period

Successful Banner 8 Go-Live!

After extensive preparation and comprehensive testing by Fordham IT, a broad range of business partners, and SunGard representatives, we successfully upgraded Banner over the weekend, and we released Banner to the University community earlier than scheduled. We are now running the latest version of our Student Information and Advancement systems. This was a true team effort that brought together departments from across the University to collaborate and develop a detailed and exhaustive test plan leading up to the upgrade.

There is a triage team in place, comprised of IT and SunGard staff to remediate any issues that may arise. Employees may call IT Customer Care at 718-817-3999 or send email to with any issues. The triage team and the Banner8 email will remain active until March 26th.

Please join us in thanking everyone who directly or indirectly contributed to this enormous effort and congratulating them for a successful upgrade.

New Rose Hill Data Center

The Rose Hill data center, (the on-campus location housing University electronic information), has a newly renovated state-of-the-art facility to call home. The new data center offers substantial upgrades over the current center in terms of reliability, redundancy and efficiency, resulting in an environmentally friendly facility. Additionally, as the hub for critical University data, vastly superior risk management measures have been instituted.

We appreciate your patience as we continue to improve the reliability of the information systems at Fordham University. For more information as well as photos and updates on the Rose Hill transition, visit the University Data Center site.

Several University Facilities Receive Tech Upgrades

The FordhamIT Media Services department has introduced the following upgrades to University classrooms and facilities for the fall semester:
            Lincoln Center:
Renovated and enhanced the music and art history classrooms- Lowenstein rooms 523 and 524- by installing new LCD projectors, new video and audio equipment, new audio speakers, and new Crestron touch panel controls. New whiteboards designed specifically for music composition were also installed.
            Rose Hill:
Two (2) new smart seminar rooms in Dealy Hall 105 and 107 were upgraded with new LCD projectors and smart cabinets. Additionally, two (2) lecture halls in Freeman 103 and 105 were upgraded with new LCD projectors for wide screen projection of digital media and PowerPoint presentations. Thesetwo lecture halls were also outfitted with document cameras and Crestron touch panel controls.

Five(5) integrated learning spaces were outfitted with smart technology for the residential halls (Hughes Hall, Finlay and Walsh Hall). Installed in these dorms were Smart boards, projection screens and LCD projectors.


As part of the e-Learning grant, Media Services installed video capture equipment in five (5) smart classrooms throughout the three campuses. The video capture equipment consists of tracking cameras,IR sensors and the Echo 360 appliance which allows us to storetaped lectures. This videocapture initiative will enable the faculty to record their lectures and store the video for replay later on by students at anytime, anywhere. This technology iscurrently in the testing phase, with plans for implementation beginning later in the fall.

Internet Explorer 8 - Do Not Install

Microsoft recently released Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) to the public and will soon be adding the IE8 download to its automatic update process as an optional update.
Fordham IT strongly recommends that you DO NOT download and install Internet Explorer 8 at this time as IE8 has not yet been proven to work well with all University software. As always, we will report to you as our testing and proof of solutions develop and will announce when Fordham IT will be able to provide support for Internet Explorer 8 issues as applications have been fully vetted and tested.

Banner 8 Upgrade scheduled for March 12 - March 16

The Banner Student Information System and Advancement will be upgraded to version 8 beginning at 5:00 PM Friday, March 12,  2010 through 8:00 PM Tuesday, March 16th.

During this time, Banner INB will NOT be available, however, Banner Self Service will be available for view access (i.e., read-only mode; no updating). Specific details are at the bottom of this message. Since spring break takes place during the week of March 15-19, fewer staff and students should be affected.

It is possible that after the upgrade unforeseen issues may be encountered. As a precaution, we will have a team in place to respond in a timely manner. In the event that you come across a problem, please send an email message to

You may also direct any issues to
IT Customer Care (718-817-3999 or which will provide a ticket number (for tracking) and route your issue to the appropriate place.

Please be assured that the Confirmare project team is making every effort to ensure a successful and uneventful upgrade to Banner8. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Specific details:
- Friday, 3/12 at 5:00 PM – ALL WORK ON BANNER MUST STOP. Will convert Banner to read only and begin the upgrade.
- Banner and Degreeworks will NOT be available for update beginning 5:00 PM 3/12 through 8:00 PM 3/16.
- Powerfaids, Recruitment Plus, and all other external programs will continue to operate and be available to students, staff and faculty. No upgrades will be made to the running production environment. 
- Recruitment Plus, Hobson’s and General Person synchronization to Banner,Banner to Powerfaids, and Powerfaids to Banner will run on Thursday, March 11th.
- Nosynchronizations of Recruitment Plus, Powerfaids, General Person, or Hobson’s will take place on Friday, March 12th.
- We will complete a regular daily ‘close’ for Bursar and Advancement and send the daily close to FRS on Friday evening March 12th.
- At this time we expect synchronization to begin again on Monday evening, March 15th. 
- Tuesday, 3/16 at 8:00 PM – WORK ON BANNER WILL RESUME

Network Outage at Lincoln Center

On Sunday, February 14, 2010, there was a network outage at Lincoln Center which impacted a variety of business systems and services. These included, MyFiles, email services, and any service requiring the use of the AccessIT ID. The outage started at approximately 1:05 PM. Most critical systems returned to service when the network issue was resolved at 3:15 PM, however, some systems may have experienced intermittent outages until 6:00 PM that evening. The incident was caused by failed equipment, which was subsequently removed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact IT Customer Care at (718) 817-3999 or via email to:

AccessIT ID to become Login for Blackboard

Beginning on August 7th, all Fordham faculty, staff and students will be required to use their respective AccessIT ID Username and Password to access the University Blackboard system. This is the same Username and Password used to access the My.Fordham Portal, representing a further step towards making the AccessIT ID the single sign-on for all University online resources.

Those who have yet to claim their AccessIT ID must visit the My.Fordham Portal to do so. Up until the August 7th change, users must continue to use their current login information for Blackboard access.

Google Apps Security Case Study

Challenges: Fordham University's e-mail servers were crushed under the growing volume of spam, slowing e-mail delivery to a halt and impacting performance and productivity of both students and faculty.

Results: Since implementing Google Message Filtering, Fordham University has been able to reduce the amount of time IT staff spends monitoring and maintainingspam-related issues, lowered the number of calls to IT Customer Care, and improved the performance of the e-mail system.

True to the academic tradition, over 15,000 students and hundreds of faculty at Fordham University, the Jesuit University of New York, had a free and open e-mail system that did not filter either incoming or outgoing messages. But by mid-2005, the volume of spam was unmanageable. Remembers Jason Benedict, Fordham's University Information Security Officer, “We were processing 99 percent spam and only one percent legitimate e-mail. Our systems had become so overwhelmed by spam and spam processing that we suffered frequent failures of our e-mail system as well as tremendous slowdowns in delivery and, subsequently, in performance and productivity.”

Read the entire article...

Potential Issue with automated file save in SPSS 16.0.x

SPSS Technical Support has recently detected a problem in SPSS 16.0.x with the automated file save function. When modifications are being made to an existing file, the automated file save function periodically appears to save the file, yet the file is not saved and is missing from thesystem.

This problem can occur if you exit the application without explicitly saving your file first. This problem has been observed when working with larger size data files or saving to a slower device (such as over the network) where the saving process takes longer than 3 seconds. It is strongly advised that you do not save your files in this manner until the issue is addressed; this is slated for the next maintenance release.

SPSS is evaluating the most appropriate solution but until it is available, always save your file explicitly via File->Save or the save toolbar button prior to exiting the application.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact your local SPSS support team at:

Vulnerabilities in Adobe Software

Security vulnerabilities have been discovered in Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader.  If you use either of these products, it is recommended that you update your current version to version 8.1.2.  Adobe has provided the following links to assist in updating your software.

Adobe recommends Adobe Reader 7 and 8 users update to Adobe Reader 8.1.2 , available here:

Adobe recommends Acrobat 8 users on Windows update to Acrobat 8.1.2 , available here:  

Adobe recommends Acrobat 8 users on Macintosh update to Acrobat 8.1.2 , available here: 

Enhancements to Postini User Interface [Fordham's Spam Blocker]

Postini is making some minor user improvement upgrades to their systems that will change what users see when they log into their Postini Message Center.  These improvements include general navigation enhancements and the ability for users to control viewing of images, attachments and links.Postini has provided a Powerpoint presentation and pdf document to assist users in understanding these changes.

Student E-Mail, Cisco Clean Access become latest to integrate AccessIT ID

In our continuing effort to streamline access to technology services, effective Monday, September 14th your AccessIT ID and password will become the single sign-in for the following services: Student E-Mail, Cisco Clean Access (this includes login to the University's Wireless network and Residential Networks) and Fordham VPN. This change signifies the integration of Student E-mail with theMy.Fordham Portal.

To facilitate these upgrades, please be aware that there is a scheduled outage to the entire Fordham e-mail system on Monday, September 14th from 1:00 AM to 8:00 AM.


Permanent Shut-down of Faculty OASIS & UPDATE Access to SISPlus

As we complete the migration of Student information and the transition of Student-related processing into the Banner environment, we must shut-down (A) Faculty OASIS and (B) Update Access to SISPlus.

(A) Faculty OASIS

Faculty OASIS will no longer be available after Friday, August 21, 2009.

Beginning Monday, August 24, 2009 you will be re-directed to the University portal, for all student-related information and processing.

(B) Update Access to SISPlus

Beginning Monday, August 24, 2009, all updating and maintenance of student data will take place in Banner.

You will still be able to View student information in SISPlus (via VT320 or VersaTerm) on any screen for which you currently have access. However, Updating will be disabled; this access will be Read-Only.

Over time, access to SISPlus will diminish as the information residing there will become old and stale. The most current and accurate data will be in Banner.

Please contact
IT Customer Care with any questions or concerns at (718) 817-3999 or via email to:

Fordham IT increases Rose Hill Internet bandwidth to 300Mb/s

On Friday, May 22, Fordham IT increased the aggregate bandwidth of the Rose Hill Internet link from 155 to 300 Megabytes per second. This effectively doubled the capacity for the Rose Hill Residence Hall and wireless networks, as well as the Walsh Library. The reasons for the upgrade were twofold, first, the Internet utilization at Rose Hill was over-subscribed at the lower capacity and second, to create parity withthe Lincoln Center 300Mb/s Internet link. Additionally, Fordham IT was able to negotiate the bandwidth increase at no additional charge to the University.

Fordham Network Access Control to replace Cisco Clean Access

In a continuing effort to improve the reliability and ease of use of our network security system, Fordham IT has implemented Network Access Control (NAC) to replace CiscoClean Access. The implementation took place on all three campuses, between May 24th-26th.

The new Fordham NAC will continue to monitor acceptable use of the university public networks and ensure authorized access. Public networks include wireless, wired dorms, and wired public spaces. In addition, it will assure that these networks remain a safe and virus free environment.

Windows users willbe asked tofamiliarize themselves with the newprocess for accessing Fordham's public wireless network, as Fordham NAC utilizes an Agent-less compliance scan. The Fordham NAC compliance scan is Java-based and occurs within the users browser.

For further information, visit the Fordham NAC webpage

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact IT Customer Care at (718) 817-3999 or via e-mail at

Access your Fordham Mobile Mail - Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhow

Fordham Mobile Mail allows faculty and staff to work from Anywhere using Gmail as an email solution. It provides real time, quick access to email including attachments, calendar, address book, and to-do list for Fordham mobile email users from tablets, Apple devices and smart phones. Visit the Fordham Mobil Mail web page for instructions on how to configure Fordham Mobile Mail on your device.

Fordham Mobile Mail features include:

· Automatic synchronization of Fordham e-mail, calendar and contact data.
· Ability to read encrypted email.
· Enhanced security to protect University critical information.

University Faculty and Administrators who already have Fordham Mobile Mail have said:

“A great new way to communicate off campus”

“I love Gmail - it saves hours no longer having to fill in email addresses”

Supported devices:

· Android OS 2.0.1+
· Apple iOS 4.0.1+ - including iPhone 3G/3GS/4/4S, iPod Touch, and iPad
· Windows Mobile 6.0, 6.1, 6.5
· Nokia Series 60 3rd and 5th edition

Get Fordham Mobile Mail today!

Please contact IT Customer Care at (718) 817-3999 or via email to:

Work from Anywhere with Fordham Email - Fordham Mail, Webmail and Mobile Mail Training

Work from Anywhere using Fordham Email - at the office, at home or from any mobile device. Learn how to access and utilize all the email services Fordham IT has to offer - from the recent Fordham Mail upgrade to webmail to mobile mail from Anywhere on your mobile devices.

In order to accommodate all participants, please ensure that you register for one of the sessions at:

The following topics will be covered:

· Powerful new features: integrated calendar, address book, online meetings and other Collaboration tools
· How to read encrypted email and prioritize important email
· How to install Fordham Mobile Mail
· Access to email via web
· Fordham Chat and Conference

Sessions are scheduled as follows:

Day           Date          Begin Time  End Time     Course Name                                                           Room Location
Monday     11/14/11   10:15AM     11:45AM     Fordham Mail, Webmail and Mobile Mail Training     Rose Hill - Dealy E - 205
Monday     11/28/11   10:00AM     11:30AM     Fordham Mail, Webmail and Mobile Mail Training     Online Webinar
Monday     11/28/11   1:00PM        2:30PM       Fordham Mail, Webmail and Mobile Mail Training     Lincoln Center - Lowenstein Room 309
Monday     12/5/11     10:15AM     11:45AM     Fordham Mail, Webmail and Mobile Mail Training     Rose Hill - Dealy E - 205

Additional dates will be available in the Spring. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact IT Customer Care at (718) 817-3999 or via email to:

Non-Compliant Software: OS X Lion, IE9

Fordham IT is actively testing the following software upgrades so that we can provide you with the best possible technology tools and support. Until testing is complete, we suggest that you DO NOT upgrade to the following at this time:

· OS X Lion (v10.8) for Macs
· Internet Explorer 9 (IE9)

If you are currently running Lion, please be advised that Fordham IT is working diligently to verify that our suite of software will function appropriately on Lion. Installation of these software applications at this time could result in your inability to access key systems and other administrative applications. Watch for future announcements from Fordham IT about these applications when they have been vetted against University systems and applications.

Please contact IT Customer Care with any questions or concerns at (718) 817-3999 or via email to:

Microsoft Office 2007 (PC) & 2008 (Mac) Distribution & Support

On July 15, 2009 Fordham IT began distributing to Fordham Faculty & Staff Microsoft Office 2007 (for PC users) and Microsoft Office 2008 for (Mac users). The new Office Suite will be delivered with newand replacement equipment or upon request. Prior versions will no longer be distributed at the University, however support will continue until July 1, 2012.

Newer Replaced Equipment
All new and lease-replacement faculty & staff desktop computers will be distributed with Office 2007/2008.
Any existing faculty & staff computers that must have the operating system reinstalled will be returned to the client with Office 2007/2008.

To Request an Upgrade
All faculty & staff who would like to upgrade to Office 2007/2008, please contact IT Customer Care at (718)817-3999 or via email at
The Help Desk will prepare a service ticket for the software installation and forward it to the User Support Services staff. User Support will schedule a mutually convenient appointment at the client's location to install the software. Copies of the Office media will not be distributed.

Training & Support
Fordham IT has scheduled faculty & staff training classes for the Office 2007/2008. Please email to register, or visit the training website at:
Quick Start Guides and FAQs are available for download at You may also pick up quick start guides at the Faculty Technology Centers located at each campus.

Please contact IT Customer Care at (718)817-3999 or via email at with any questions that you may have.


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