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Fordham IT
Instructional Technology Academic Computing – ITAC
Job Description – March 2014 
Division:        Student Technology Services
Position:        Resident Technology Consultant
Supervisor:   Student Technology Services Manager
The Resident Technology Consultant (RTC) is the primary source of assistance for students living in the residence halls.   RTCs educate residents on all aspects of computing at Fordham University, consult with residents on computer related problems, and support in-room network connections and resident computers. Most importantly, RTCs are expected to be available to residents and administration. RTCs work primarily with the students, residence hall staff, Student Technology Services and the IT Customer Care Organization to accomplish their goals.
  • You must be a registered fulltime student during the full year of your appointment.
  • You are expected to be and remain in good academic standing. Candidates who are on probation or provisional registration may not be considered for an RTC position.
  • All RTCs are required to live in the residence to which they are assigned for the full academic year.
  • All Fordham University undergraduate students who have a guaranteed year in housing are welcome to apply for RTC positions.
  • A minimum G.P.A. of 2.70
  • All RTCs are expected to uphold, enforce and abide by all University policies.
  • Arrive on campus about one week prior to fall semester move-in to attend training and help with student move-in. (UPPERCLASS RTC's ONLY)
  • Provide courteous, prompt, and accurate customer service in response to customer requests via ITCC, telephone calls, and in-room appointments.
  • Work approximately 10-15 hours per week providing computer assistance to Fordham students within ITCC and Residence Hall that you live.
  • Only some of your hours are formally scheduled so that consulting is available to the students Monday through Sunday, until midnight. 
  • Acknowledge requests for assistance as soon as possible but in all cases within 24 hours.
  • Troubleshoot network problems experienced by on-campus residents.
  • Assist customers with software installations and troubleshooting.
  • Provide extensive technology support to new students at the beginning of each semester.
  • Provide a schedule of work availability to the STS Manager and submit status reports to STS Manager as requested.
  • Mentor future RTC applicants by observing technically savvy students in their residence hall and encouraging them to participate in the program.
  • Introduce new students to Fordham's computing resources and assist them in acquiring basic computer literacy.
  • Accurately enter all information about students assisted into our ticketing system as they are performing the work. Update SDE trouble tickets timely.
  • Maintain working knowledge of all current policies, procedures, and troubleshooting steps through regular checking of the Fordham IT website and ITCC resources.
  • Attend all training sessions and staff meetings as required.
  • Keep up-to-date with technology and computing resources.
Technical Knowledge: (Some Training Provided)
  • Ability to configure internet protocols and firewall settings to enable in-room network connections.
  • Know how to update/remove/install anti-virus software if necessary and know how to run operating system updates.
Special Projects
  • Develop 4 educational workshops for your residents.
  • Contribute to the RTC Newsletters, FB, FNN Segments, Website and Blog.
  • Develop, post and email marketing material for IT initiatives.
  • Work on special projects with other members of Fordham IT.
  • For the 2014-2015 academic year, the salary will be $2500 per semester.
Other Duties as assigned.


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