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Instructional Technology Academic Computing – ITAC
Job Description – February 2008
DIVISION:          Student Technology Services
POSITION:         Information Security Consultant
SUPERVISOR:    Director of IT Security
The Information Security Group, InfoSec, at Fordham University is charged with designing and implementing IT security through policies procedures, standards and guidelines. They are responsible for providing forensic analysis of security events, directing the design and implementation of solutions for user security awareness, security implementations, access control and compliance monitoring.
The Information Security Consultant, ISC, will be a resource to the InfoSec Group providing assistance in meeting their goals and priorities. The ISC will work closely with the Director of IT Security and Director of Risk and Integrity.
  • You must be a registered fulltime student during the full year of your appointment.
  • You are expected to be and remain in good academic standing. Candidates who are on probation or provisional registration may not be considered.
  • Maintain good citizenship.
  • A minimum G.P.A. of 2.70.
  • All ISCs are expected to uphold, enforce and abide by all university policies.
  • Students currently enrolled with a concentration in Information Technology or majoring in Computer Science are preferred.
  • Good written skills are required.
  • Working knowledge of TCP/IP, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Excel, and Web Design (html or WYSIWYG editor) is desirable.

  • Provide grass root documentation for policies, procedures, standards and guidelines.
  • Research and evaluate applications and services for use by the Information Security Group. Provide a matrix when possible, detailing features within each different application or service.
  • Design and maintain a web presence for the Information Security Group. This includes but is not limited to providing links or incorporating features such as a “Tip of the Day” or Security and Virus Threat Watches available from most vendors.
  • Provide articles for an InfoSec Newsletter, which will be available on the InfoSec web site.
  • Assistance with the deployment and upkeep of the InfoSec web site. Including but not limited to providing design and layout options.
  • Provide first level compliance monitoring and investigations.
  • Provide assistance in forensics analysis and fact gathering.
  • For the 2009-2010 academic year, the salary will be $10 per hour.
Other Duties as assigned.

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