Wireless Network

Wireless technology brings mobility to the workplace and the academic life of Fordham University faculty, staff and students. Our goal is to provide ubiquitous computing to the user community on each campus.

The Fordham wireless LAN service utilizes the 802.11a/b/g/n wireless LAN standard and can be accessed from any mobile computing device equipped with a wireless LAN adapter that states its compliance with the WiFi Ethernet standard.
For additional information, please see the Wireless Frequently Asked Questions.

By accessing the University Wireless Network, users hereby agree that they have read and accept both the Information Technology Policy Statement and the Wireless Policy Statement

Wireless Network Performance

Current wireless technology does not provide dedicated bandwidth per machine as do switched wire networks. The bandwidth available will vary as a function of the number of users in a given coverage area and the distance from access points. For these reasons we stress that while providing mobility, wireless networks do not currently provide performance on par with the wired network.

While working in wireless mode, you will be able to move between coverage areas in each building. You will lose and gain connectivity as you move between Access Points.

Wireless Access Points

The access coverage chart is continually updated as new Access Points are deployed throughout the university. See Access Points for coverage areas.

Wireless Network Security

Use of the wireless network requires authentication using your Access IT ID and password. In addition, you will need to comply with the same Network Security Procedure which exists in each residence hall.

If you are not familiar with this procedure, please visit the University Network Security page for additional information.


Secure Wireless Networks

Fordham IT recently enhanced the security of the wireless networks at the Rose Hill, Lincoln Center, and Westchester campuses by adding new Service Set IDentifiers (SSIDs) to the current list of wireless networks on each individual campus. In order to simplify the SSIDs for all campuses we have now condensed all SSIDs into one main identifier for all campuses. This network will use the WiFi Protected Access II (WPA2) protocol and requires a key (password) to encrypt your wireless network traffic.

To access the secure wireless network, simply select the following available wireless network and enter the WPA2 Key when prompted for a password:

WPA2 key
All Campuses

The following links contain more information on how to connect to and configure your wireless access:




Windows XP/7



Please note the existing unsecured and secured wireless networks, FORDHAMRH, FORDHAMLC and FORDHAM400 and their -S counter parts will remain active and available only until May 1st, 2014.

If you are unable to connect to a WPA2 network, make sure you update all network drivers to the latest versions. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact IT Customer Care at 718-817-3999 or via e-mail to HelpIT@fordham.edu. 

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