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The voicemail system is associated to your handset type and can be accessed as follows:

Campus Voicemail System Internally Off-Site
Lincoln Center NEC 7000 212-636-7000
Rose Hill NEC 5000 718-817-5000
Rose Hill Alcatel 5000 718-817-2100
Rose Hill Avaya 5000 718-817-5100
Westchester Avaya 3000 914-367-3000

Each of the voicemail systems has the same basic infrastructure.  Please click on the guide that matches your handset for specific instructions:

Rose Hill – Alcatel
Rose Hill – Avaya
Westchester - Avaya

Playback Options while listening to a message:

1 Rewind 10 seconds
11 Rewind to beginning of message
2 Pause/Resume
3 Forward 10 seconds
33 Forward to the end of the message
4 Slow message playback
5 Envelope information (date & time)
7 Delete message
# Skip message


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