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Student Phone Instructions

Student Phone Instructions

Students must supply their own standard touch-tone phone and cord, which are connected to the jack provided in their dorm room. (Alcatel phones are provided in the Campbell, Conley, and Salice Hall residences.) For information on using these phones, please use the Alcatel-Lucent 8 and 9 Series Training Guide.

A calling card must be used to make outgoing toll calls on the landline. To use a calling card, dial the toll free number on the back of the card and follow the prompts.

The landline in student dorm rooms is equipped with voicemail. It is recommended that students check their voicemail daily in order to receive timely information from the University.  See the Voicemail page for instructions.

Phones at the residence halls provide the following services:
•        Incoming calls and toll free calling
•        4-digit intracampus calling / 5-digit intercampus calling
•        Voicemail
•        911 calling (dial 9 + 911)

To reach an extension on your campus, just dial the four-digit extension.

To reach an extension between campuses at Fordham University, dial a steering digit plus a four-digit extension.  The following instructions apply to intercampus extension dialing only:

From Lincoln Center 
        to Rose Hill dial 1 first
        to Westchester dial 2 first
From Rose Hill
        to Lincoln Center dial 8 first
        to Westchester dial 7 first
From Westchester
        to Lincoln Center dial 2 first
        to Rose Hill dial 1 first

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