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Forms and Surveys Request

Form Request
Your department can request a user input form.

The form can be as simple as a name and address to subscribe to a newsletter,  or the form can be as long and complex as a "Graduating Senior Survey".
Please send us a draft of the form. The draft form request can be created in MS Word or Dreamweaver.

The form request should clearly state all text, as desired, and the type and number of input fields needed on the form.

For example, blank text fields for user input radio buttons checkboxes dropdown menus Your request should also state which fields, if any, are required so that users cannot submit the form without completion (usually marked with an asterisk)

Examples of typical form fields:

Examples of Form Elements:

A blank field would be used for respondents' names, for example

YES      |      NO

Radio buttons would be used to allow one choice OR another like, Yes | No




All of the above

A checkbox would be used to allow multiple selections, like Vanilla | Chocolate | Strawberry (check all that apply)

A drop down menu would be used to offer many choices that would take too much room as checkboxes

Form Responses
You can access the responses to your form in several ways. The responses can be:
  • Emailed to a specific address or addresses

  • Stored online to be downloaded periodically by you from a password protected page.

Form Request
If you would like to have a form created for your site, please fill out the form request below and attach a draft of the form. Your draft copy must be either in MS Word or HTML format.
Your First Name:
Your Last Name:
Your Email:
Attachments must be in .DOC, .DOCX or .HTML format.



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