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MyFiles Network Storage

MyFiles, the newest Fordham IT technology resource, is a file management system which provides secure and private file storage for all Fordham Faculty, Staff and Students. It is accessible at:

All that is needed to access MyFiles is a computer, PC with Internet Explorer or Mac with either Firefox or Safari, and your Fordham AccessIT ID, which enables you to access and share files from anywhere with a web browser. MyFiles provides individual storage areas for institutional and research content which you can safely access on or off campus. Within these storage areas you can create separate folders with unique access rights for coursework and personal files.

MyFiles is intuitive and easy to use. It allows you to create folders, upload files, create personal web pages, share folders, create wikis and connect to shared folders. You can also backup pictures, photos and coursework, minimizing the need for USB drives. Additionally, MyFiles has the ‘Green’ benefit of reducing paper and printing costs.

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