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Windows 7

Beginning June 15, 2010, Fordham IT will begin the formal distribution of Windows 7 to the University.


Distribution of Windows 7 to the University will take place as new computers are acquired or as part of the Computer Lease Replacement program. Please note that all Windows 7 computers will have Internet Explorer 8 as the browser.

In the event that an existing computer must have the operating system reinstalled due to hardware issues, the operating system that will be installed is the original operating system that the computer came with. Upgrading to Windows 7 is not possible due to licensing requirements and potential hardware issues. Computers that came with Windows XP may require hardware upgrades to function properly with Windows 7.

Upgrade Requests

Individuals who would like Windows 7 installed prior to the replacement of their computer in the Computer Lease Replacement program will need to contact IT Customer Care at (718)817-3999 to submit an upgrade request.

Please be aware that computers currently running Windows XP may not have the necessary hardware configuration to properly run Windows 7. Any hardware upgrades to the computer will result in a charge to the department.

Licenses for all operating systems are purchased at the time that the computer is acquired. Operating systems are not site licensed. A request to upgrade to Windows 7 will result in a charge to the department for the software licensing of Windows 7.

Prior to any upgrade, the client will be responsible for backing up all data files that currently exist on the computer.

Application Testing

Testing of University applications with Windows 7 has been very successful with only a few instances where issues remain. For a complete list of applications that were tested, please visit the Windows 7 Compatibility page on the Fordham IT web site.


Should you experience any issues with Fordham applications with either Windows 7 or Internet Explorer 8 please contact IT Customer Care at 718-817-3999 to obtain assistance.


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