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Microsoft Product Information

Microsoft Windows 7
Fordham IT is pleased to inform the University community that support is now available for the following combinations of Microsoft products:
·         Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8
·         Windows XP and Internet Explorer 8
Please note that since Vista is not officially supported at the University, support of Internet Explorer 8 and Vista consists of best effort.
For a complete list of applications that were tested with Windows 7, please visit the Windows 7 Compatibility page on the Fordham IT web site.
Information regarding the deployment and support of Windows 7 can be viewed on the Fordham IT web site.
Should you experience any issues with Fordham applications with either Windows 7 or Internet Explorer 8 please contact the IT Help Desk at 718-817-3999 to obtain assistance.
Microsoft Vista
Due to compatibility issues between Fordham applications and Microsoft Vista, in addition to the release of Windows 7, Fordham IT willl not officially support Vista.  Support will consist of best effort. 
Microsoft Office 2007 (PC) and 2008 (Mac)
On July 15, 2009 Fordham IT began distributing to Fordham Faculty & Staff Microsoft Office 2007 (for PC users) and Microsoft Office 2008 for (Mac users).
The new Office Suite will be delivered with new and replacement equipment or upon request.
Prior versions will no longer be distributed at the University, however support will continue until July 1, 2012.

New & Replacement Equipment

All new and lease-replacement faculty & staff desktop computers will be distributed with Office 2007/2008.
Any existing faculty & staff computers that must have the operating system reinstalled will be returned to the client with Office 2007/2008.

To Request an Upgrade

All faculty & staff who would like to upgrade to Office 2007/2008, please contact IT Customer Care at (718) 817-3999 or via email at
IT Customer Care will prepare a service ticket for the software installation and forward it to the User Support Services staff.

User Support will schedule a mutually convenient appointment at the client's location to install the software. Copies of the Office media will not be distributed.


Training & Support

Fordham IT has scheduled faculty & staff training classes for the Office 2007/2008.
Please email to register, or visit the training website at:
Quick Start Guides and FAQs are available for download at
You may also pick up quick start guides at the Faculty Technology Centers located at each campus.

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Fordham IT will provide updated information as it becomes available. 

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