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Like social networking, the University recognizes that personal websites and groups are important means of self-expression and relationship networking, and can provide many educational and professional benefits.

Google Sites and Google Groups provide the opportunity to easily create and share webpages and information that are hosted outside the University’s own website.  However, sites published via Google Sites using a Fordham email address will be identified with Fordham University within the websites URL. Similarly, groups created via Google Groups may also be identified with Fordham University. The Fordham logo may also be displayed.  It is likely, therefore, that users of Google Sites and Google Groups (“Users”) will be identified as members of the University community and therefore associated by third parties with the University.  Accordingly, Users should remember that they are representatives of the University and should therefore comport themselves in accordance with the principles and standards of the University.

Users should refrain from posting any Content that may infringe any intellectual or other property rights of any other User or third party.  The University disclaims any liability to User for User’s posting or submission of Content on the Google Sites regardless of type of action brought against User.

Websites created with Google Sites will not be linked into or searched through, the main University Web Site.

Because your activity using Google Sites and Google Groups with a Fordham email address is governed by the agreement between Google and Fordham University, and will indicate your personal affiliation with Fordham, its use is governed by the following rules:

• You must abide by all terms of the IT Acceptable Use Policy, calling special attention to the sections regarding copyrighted material and cloud computing.

• The posting, storage, or disclosure of any Fordham Protected or Fordham Sensitive Data is strictly prohibited.

• Material presented must reflect the spirit and mission of the University and must not, in any way, be offensive or derogatory.

• In addition to abiding by these terms of use, you must also abide by the relevant rules and regulations that govern your classification (faculty, student or staff) within the University.

Failure to abide by the above rules may result in disciplinary action.

By using Google Sites and Google Groups with a Fordham e-mail address, you agree to all of the terms contained above.  Also note that Fordham IT, in conjunction with the Office of Legal Counsel, reserves the right to change these terms at any time. If you have any questions, please e-mail to

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