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Google Groups

Google Groups @ Fordham is an online space where group members can hold discussions on multiple topics. For example, a group called “Business Resources” might contain topics such as “Internships” and “Entrepreneurship.” Members post topics and reply to them. Currently, only faculty and staff can create a Group. Students may be invited to join the group.

  • Can be public or private
  • Group owner must have a Gmail address; non-Fordham gmail users may be invited to participate
  • Effective way to bypass email and conduct a conversation with multiple people

  • Google Groups: Facts and Resources

    Type: Core App

    Access: Use or via the apps menu in your Fordham Gmail account.

    : Terms of Service

    Google Groups Help Center
    Get Started with Google Groups
    Fordham IT Customer Care

    Accessibility: No reported accessibility problems when people participate in groups. Group members can receive messages via email rather than depend on the Google Group user interface. For more information see Using Google Products: How to use accessibility features.

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