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Gmail is the official email service for all Fordham University students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends. Gmail provides:
  • 30GB of storage (combined storage space with Google Drive)
  • Mobile access
  • Spam blocker
  • IMAP/Pop
Gmail: Facts and Resources

Type: Core App

Access: Through or

Whitelist & Blacklist Filters for Gmail 

Google’s Gmail Help Center

Using Gmail at Work and School
Getting Started with IMAP and POP
Activating permissions in My.Fordham for using mobile device

Set up Gmail with Microsoft Outlook
Setting up Gmail with iPhone
Fordham IT’s Email Policy
Fordham IT Customer Care 
Accessibility: Assistive technology users may want to either use the Basic HTML view of Gmail or their own email client.  For more information see Using Google Products: How to use accessibility features.

Postini Migration Information
Emails that were typically quarantined by Postini are now routed to your Spam folder in Gmail, which can be found in the list of folders/labels on the left side of the Gmail window in your browser (you may have to click on the More label to see it). This new, integrated spam filtering in Gmail is quite effective at ensuring that most legitimate emails are delivered directly to your inbox.

Here is a summarized list of the changes associated with the migration:
  •     The daily quarantine summary from Postini will be gradually phased out during fall 2014. Undelivered emails in Postini will be permanently deleted.
  •     Newly quarantined messages are now located in your Spam folder. Check this folder often for legitimate emails flagged as spam by Google's spam filtering engine.
  •     All previously configured approved and blocked sender lists (whitelist and blacklist settings) will migrate to your personal Gmail inbox settings as part of the transition.
  •     Email in the Spam folder is automatically deleted after 30 days. Manually remove unwanted messages from the Spam folder to prevent them from causing your Fordham Google account to exceed the 30GB storage limit.

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