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Corporate Email Accounts


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Corporate Email Accounts

Corporate email accounts are non-person entity accounts associated with an academic or administrative office rather than an individual, e.g.

Corporate Accounts require an owner, which is typically the department head or the person who requested the account. Corporate accounts are usually shared by multiple users and serve as a primary point of contact for support and external communications. Corporate Account provides access to Email, Calendar, Contacts, Drive and Chat and has the same 25GB mailbox limit as an individual Gmail account.

All Corporate Accounts require an annual renewal, whereby the owner must file an Electronic Access Form (EAF) with HRIS to maintain the account. Account owners will be notified by HRIS when the account expiration date is nearing with information on how to reinstate the account. Failure to file an EAF before the expiration date will render the account disabled and inaccessible. Delegation to a corporate account works only within the organization domain, and cannot be to any other domain outside the University.

To request a Corporate email account, you must submit a Corporate Email Account Request form: The information you provide will be used to create and configure your Corporate email account. Once your application has been approved, you will be contacted by IT Customer Care to inform you about the account creation and how to access your account.

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