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Repair of University Owned Computers and Equipment

All requests for service of computer equipment should be made to IT Customer Care at 718-817-3999 or via e-mail to:

The Help Desk will create a service request ticket and forward the ticket to the on-site service representative for response and service.

Desktop computers and laptop equipment at the University are obtained with a three year on site warrantee and will not require a charge back to the department for servicing during the warrantee period.  If the equipment is no longer covered, the department will incur a cost for the repair.  Departmental approval will be required prior to any repairs being performed.
Printers at the University are obtained with the standard one year warrantee.  During the first year, servicing the printer will not incur a cost.  For any printer not covered by warrantee, there will be a cost for repair.  Departmental approval will be required prior to all repairs on printers out of warrantee.  In some cases it may be more cost effective for the user to acquire a new printer rather than to repair an older one.
Other Equipment
Other equipment, such as scanners are not covered under the on site service contract.  The user may contact the Help Desk and have a service request ticket made for equipment other than computers and printers.  However, since this equipment is not covered by the on-site service contract, the service technician will only be able to help diagnose the problem.  The user will need to contact either the manufacturer of the equipment or the vendor who sold the equipment to obtain hardware servicing.

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