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Computer Purchases

(University Owned) 
Faculty/Staff Purchases

 Faculty/Staff Purchases
Fordham IT is proud to offer our faculty and staff computer products especially designed and priced for them. We also have information on our recommended computer specifications

We have established unique relationships with Dell, Lenovo, HP and Apple, which grant special pricing to the Fordham community. The University does not endorse any particular computer platform or vendor. Pricing is set by each individual vendor and questions about pricing of products should be directed to the vendors themselves. Please click here for more information.

Departmental Computer Purchases

Most University computers are on a Lease Program. After the lease expires, User Support Services will contact the end-user about the replacement of the equipment. Normally requests for computer equipment for academic departments go through the Academic Vice President's office as part of the budget process.

Departmental Purchases:
Fordham University departments may purchase computers, computer accessories, and software for departmental use. Computer Acquisitions may configure for pricing a machine with the department's detailed specifications or the departments may inquire about Fordham's standard requirements.  
Computer Accessories:
Scanners, memory, digital cameras, external hard drives, printers, and other computer accessories may be purchased through Computer Acquisitions.

How To Order:
Budget administrators will be able to place an order by visiting the portal at and find the new portal channel, Computer Acquisitions, on the lower right hand side of the page on the Employee tab.  Click on the link and you will be brought into the purchasing request form.  Simply follow the instructions.

Please click to go to

Payment Information:
Computer Acquisitions will write the Requisition Purchase Orders (RPO's), Limited Purchase Orders (LPO's), Check Requests, and Budget Transfers, pay all invoices and charge the departments with the information provided.

For additional information, you may contact :

  • Jim Castillo (718) 817 - 4221, 4222 
  • Office Number: (718) 817 - 4220

Computer Labs

For students who do not currently own a computer, Fordham IT provides public computing facilities for your use and convenience. Computer Lab locations and hours can be found at:

Network Security

Before you access the university network, you must have:

  1. installed the latest critical updates and patches for your Operating System,
  2. installed Symantec Anti-Virus (free to all students, faculty and staff) or other University approved Anti-Virus software, and,
  3. updated it with the latest virus signatures.

For detailed information, please see our Mandatory Network Security Procedure.

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