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Instructional Technology Academic Computing (ITAC) maintains approximately 40 Computer Labs on the various campuses of Fordham University. These facilities provide space for instructors to teach classes that require the use of computers and provide students with access to computing. For more information about specific facilities, please choose a location below.

The Computer Lab facilities and resources are available to all members of the Fordham community who present a valid Fordham University ID. Unregistered students are ineligible to use the computer facilities. Fordham University also maintains numerous Specialized Teaching Labs on the Rose Hill and Lincoln Center campuses. These labs are designated for specific applications and are only scheduled for teaching of the discipline they are built for. 

Computer Lab Acceptable Use Policy

We expect you to exercise responsible, ethical behavior according to the University Information Technology Policy Statement posted on:, as well as the following guidelines when using the Computer Labs. Access to the labs is granted as long as these guidelines are followed. By connecting and/or logging on to computers and networks in the Computer Labs, the user agrees to the terms and conditions of these Acceptable Use Policies and guidelines as outlined below.

Use of the Computer Lab Resources

Users do not have access to the local or network drives for saving their documents. Users must have at least one USB drive on which they can save their work. The Computer Lab is not responsible for work lost by users. The Computer Lab staff does not have USB drives for distribution.

Users are advised to back up a copy of their documents on University provided network storage, MyFiles, and to update the backup each time the original documents or files have been edited or new documents and/or files are added.

- You may not engage in activities which damage or disrupt hardware, software, or communications, such as virus creation and propagation, and overloading the systems with excessive data.

- You may not monopolize, misuse, or waste the system resources by, for example, requesting multiple copies from printers or by playing games in the labs.

- You may not attempt to circumvent protection schemes or exercise security loopholes in any computer or network component.

- You may not transmit or make accessible offensive, annoying, or harassing material, such as unsolicited messages or sending unwanted e-mail.

- No food or beverages are allowed into the facility.

- All users will follow the directives of the Computer Lab personnel on duty.

- Users may borrow documentation (if available) for the software applications offered by the Computer Lab. The borrower will be required to exchange his/her valid Fordham University ID for the desired documentation. The ID will be returned to the borrower only upon the return of the documentation to the Computer Lab staff on duty.

Disclaimers: The ITAC Computer Center is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal data in the Computer Lab. Conduct which involves the use of the Computer Lab’s resources in an inappropriate manner or which violates another person’s rights may result in revocation of computing usage privileges and is subject to University disciplinary action as outlined in the University’s Code of Conduct. Such conduct may also be subject to criminal or civil legal action.


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