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Change Management Board


The purpose of the Change Management Board (CMB) is to approve all changes to Fordham’s production environment. The role of the CMB is to ensure that:
  • All affected parties are aware of the change and its potential impact(s),
  • The stability and reliability of IT systems is maintained, and,
  • Only authorized changes go into production. 
The CMB meets weekly in person and via video conference.   The CMB is comprised of a Chair, Vice Chair, Manager and a representative from each of the following organizations:
  • IT Customer Care (Chair)
  • Faculty Technology Services (Vice Chair)
  • Strategic Program Office (CMB Manager)
  • Computer Services 
  • Network Services
  • Web/Portal Services
  • Database Administration
  • Security Office
  • Software Services
  • Instructional Technology Academic Services
  • Functional / Business Partners (various departments university-wide will be represented)
  • The CMB Chair, and the CMB executive sponsor reserve authority to the following, but not limited to:
    • Decisions over what work is necessary to be submitted to the CMB process
    • Questions regarding policy decisions, or CMB documentation interpretation
    • Reserve final judgment on any and all issues.
      • All decisions made outside the normal CM (Change Management) process will be documented and distributed to the entire CMB. 
The Change Management Board (CMB) is evolving to better accommodate the needs and requirements of Fordham University. Changes include, but are not limited to the following:  
  • All change requests will be entered into a CM system (to be defined) for tracking and approval. All testing and approval documentation will be attached to the request and kept for audit purposes.
  • A new Change Management Policy will be put into place and all requests must be in compliance with this policy.
  • The existing CMB now has responsibility for reviewing documentation for completeness, reviewing the change request dates for conflicts with other scheduled University events or changes, and reviewing the requests for compliance with the new Change Management Policy. The existing CMB will be referred to as the EMP (Event Management Process).
  • In addition to appointed CMB membership of Fordham IT members, there will be representation from various business areas in the University. The CMB is responsible for final approval of all production change requests. 
  • The change request process will be adjusted to accommodate both groups. The EMP will be given the opportunity to review the change request prior to CMB discussions. The EMP will present comments, questions, etc., to the CMB.   Accelerated requests will still exist but will require documentation to match the EMP and CMB requirements.
These changes will help to better define the change management process and structure within Fordham University. By streamlining the process and documenting the rules that must be adhered to, we hope to remove any confusion or questions that have existed in the past. The inclusion of business partners in the testing, approval and promotion processes will also help the University work towards its goals of more comprehensive governance over enterprise IT functions, increased awareness of business process and enhanced communications.

An integral part of these changes will be the re-education of staff and management of Fordham University. Everyone must understand the new structure and be educated in how it works prior to its implementation so as to help ensure full compliance. This will also empower the CMB and EMP to appropriately manage requests that impact shared services, which includes denying changes for requests that do not meet the new documented standards.

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