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What We Do

The Fordham IT Business Intelligence Team historically has been designing and developing reports for the University. Going forward, the BI team will serve as the information management hub; ensuring accurate and quality data delivery for the Fordham community.

The primary data sources we currently use are Banner and ODS (operational data store), and we use Information Builders WebFOCUS for report development.

If you are not familiar with reporting at the University, please reach out to us and we’ll give you a one-on-one session!
How will BI make life at work easier for Stakeholders?
The goals of BI at Fordham are simple:

Make more data available to more people more of the time
Create trust in the data.
Integrate data from all kinds of sources from all over the institution.
Implement tools that are easy to use and allow for comparison of elements from across functions
Build a team of people around our data that has clear communication, shared goals, and builds on the tremendous level of investment and support that is already there among Business Partners.

How will BI make my life easier?
We hope you will be able to:

Have reports that are easy to understand and repeat: day to day, week to week, month to month, year to year.
Look back and, more importantly, look forward and predict future behavior.
Create new reports that look at pieces of data you always wondered about but could never compare.
  ° Is there a connection between your first-year professor and senior-year success?
  ° Do extra-curriculars influence choice of major?
  ° How many times do students change major? When does it happen? What else is going on across the campus at those times?
  ° Can Advancement track a student from prospective first year through one of our grad schools?. Then, can we connect them with professors and other donors with similar interests?
Know that the data you are looking at has already been scrubbed and calculated the way you want.
Spend a lot more time thinking and analyzing, than getting the data or the format just the way you want it.

The best way to make sure your most laborious daily problems are solved is to be part of the process as early as you can. Let the BI team know, and we will plug you in as soon as we can.


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