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Tableau Software is an American computer software company headquartered in Seattle, WA, USA. It produces a family of interactive data visualization products focused on Business Intelligence. Tableau is a "Leader" in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms report.

The following is a useful link to some interesting Tableau tutorials, helpful to understand how the Tableau tools and platform work:

Tableau FAQs

What differentiates Tableau from WebFOCUS?
Tableau develops a series of products mainly oriented to visual analytics, which goes beyond traditional reporting. Visual analytics are way more powerful for what it concerns information discovery (understanding the meaning of the data), trend and what-if analysis, and more. Users can also interact with data very easily in a few clicks.

What’s the main difference between reporting and data visualization?

The term “reporting” is commonly associated to the activity of obtaining information from data; however, those results pertain to categories that are fixed, as well as the related meanings. Visualizing, from an overall perspective, means “seeing the shape of the data”, allowing the user’s creativity to spot new patterns and find new uses for the data itself. This also includes interacting with data, and entails manipulating it to analyze it according to various different points of view. This doesn’t make reporting less important than data visualization: those are simply two different uses of the available information.

What platforms does Tableau work with?
Tableau server runs either on Windows or Unix machines, while Tableau Desktop currently is available only for Windows platforms. Users with operating systems other than Windows can have access to the Tableau reports through web browsers, available for any operating system.

What’s the difference between the Tableau Desktop and Server versions?
Tableau Desktop
is an authoring and publishing tool that is used to create shared views on Tableau Server for a centralized access or, if preferred, to develop reports whose metadata can be stored exclusively on the user’s computer. Tableau Server is an enterprise-class business analytics platform that can scale up to hundreds of thousands of users. It offers mobile and browser-based analytics and works with a company’s existing data strategy and security protocols.

Which browser do I need to use Tableau Reports?
The following web page lists all the compatible browsers and system requirements:

Can I access Tableau reports through my mobile devices?
The Tableau web engine is optimized also for use on portable devices. 

iPhone and iPad users: a dedicated free iOS application is available at the following address:

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