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Anonymous Incident Reporting

The following form is provided to gather computer and information security incidents within Fordham University.  It is made so that anyone can anonymously report an event that has taken place.  Users can also report known or suspected incidents via email to the University Information Security Office (UISO),  Should you choose to provide your contact information please include the following:
Email Address
Phone Number

As with any issue, confidentiality will always be preserved regardless of whether a name is given or not.  Please be assured that no information will ever be given out without your knowledge, if you wish to include such information.

Upon investigation of an incident the Director of IT Security will inform the appropriate information steward and, if it appears that a crime may have been committed, the University Physical Safety and Security Office.  The UISO's detailed investigation reports may be shared with the University Response Team (URT), with only general status information reported, if appropriate, to broader community.  Non-criminal incidents will be treated as Confidential unless information subject to New York law has been compromised.  In such cases, affected individuals will be informed.  

The Director of IT Security shall coordinate the efforts of all involved parties to investigate the incident.  The Director shall provide frequent status reports to the University Information Security Officer, Vice President for IT and CIO, members of the University Response Team and the Office of General Counsel as appropriate.

A complete incident report will be submitted to the University Information Security Officer and Vice President for IT and CIO upon completion of the investigation. 

Please use the text box provided below to provide the following:
1. The date/time and a complete description of the incident.
2. Location (School and/or Department name) where the incident occurred.
3. Any security measures you may have already taken.
4. Names of any individuals involved and their role in the incident.
5. IP addresses of all computers involved.
6. Any other information that you feel is relevant to the investigation.

Please do NOT submit examples of personally identifiable confidential or highly confidential information via this form.  The intentional misreporting of information is actionable and subject to criminal investigation. 

Submit an Anonymous Incident Report:

No crime or emergency should be reported using this format.  To report a crime or emergency, please call Safety & Security at (718) 817-2222.

Upon submission of a report, the details will be investigated to the best of our ability.

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