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Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs) - Students
Question 1:
Why can't I see my classes?

Most likely, your instructors just aren't using Blackboard this semester. If an instructor has told you a class will use Blackboard and you cannot see it, you may not be in the Blackboard class yet. Just let your instructor know what is going on, and he or she can add you to the course by hand. There are a number of things, though, that can interfere with automatic enrollment. The most frequent culprit is late registration.
Question 2:
Do I really have to use my Fordham email for Blackboard ?

Yes. As of Summer 2007, the Blackboard staff will no longer respond to questions about blackboard accounts over the phone or via email sent from non-Fordham accounts. This is to protect the privacy and security of all blackboard users.
Question 3:
I tried to upload a file to the Digital Drop Box or retreive a file from the Digital Drop Box, but I got a message "The server encountered an internal error..."

Make sure the name of the file you are uploading is shorter than 20 characters and contains no spaces or punctuation or special characters such as # ! ? : “.
Question 4:
I forgot my username or password.

Just use the "Forgot Password?" link on the Blackboard login page:
Question 5:
How do I use Blackboard?

See the printable Student Guide.

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