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Blackboard at Semester's End
After each semester comes to an end, all the currently running Blackboard courses will be deleted from the system to make way for the next semester’s courses.  Once these courses have been deleted the contents will not be accessible or retrievable unless one of the following steps is taken.
  1. GRADEBOOK  If you would like to preserve only your gradebook for future reference please follow the directions below (#1) which will explain how you can export your gradebook into an Excel file.
  2. DUPLICATION  Instructors are able to copy or move content and place it in another area within the same course or in another course or section. Entire folders and Learning Units can also be copied. Instructors must have an Instructor role in the destination course when content is moved or copied to another course. The Copy Content and Modify Content pages are similar in manner. Instructors can choose whether to delete an item after it is copied or to also keep it in its original place. See our copy course contents tutorial for full details at Copy Course .
  3. ARCHIVING  If you would like to preserve all the content in your course for future use (this excludes the immediately following semester as in #2 above) follow the archive directions below (#2).  This will allow you to use this file to import your course on any Blackboard system and course at a later date via "IMPORT PACKAGE" in your control panel under "COURSE OPTIONS." You may want to RECYCLE your course first, which will allow you to select areas to delete and keep for the future (e.g. class list, grades, etc.).
Step 1: Export/Archive your existing GradebookInstructors can export and save a copy of the Gradebook for use in Excel or to print out in another spreadsheet program. Keeping a copy of your Gradebook is a good idea for backup and archival purposes because once students are removed or “un-enrolled” from a Blackboard course, their grades are also removed from the Gradebook. To export a copy of your existing Gradebook, follow the steps described below:
  1. Enter the course that contains the Gradebook you wish to export.
  2. From the Course page, click on the Control Panel button.
  3. From the “Control Panel” screen, click on the Gradebook link under the “Assessment” category.
  4. To export the spreadsheet to an Excel spreadsheet, click on Download Grades., on the bar below "View Spreadsheet;"
  5. Follow the instructions and click the "Download" button at the bottom of the page;
  6. At the “File Download” window, select Save this file to disk and click OK.
  7. In the “Save As” dialog box, select the location to which you wish to save the gradebook, make a note regarding where you are saving the file, and click on the Save button.  We recommend that you create a separate folder for your grades on your hard drive.  You may also want t o rename the file by semester and year (e.g. Fall00). 
  8. To open the Gradebook in Excel, locate the file and double-click on the “gradebook.csv” file.
Step 2: Archive/Export your course in whole or part Archiving your course is like making a backup of your course and storing the backup file(s) on your own PC, floppy disk, Zip disk, or CD. It is always a good idea to keep a backup of important data and information. Archived course files are saved in a single compressed .ZIP file and, if needed, you can use this file to import your course on any Blackboard system and course at a later date via "IMPORT PACKAGE" in your control panel under "COURSE OPTIONS." To archive your course:
  1. Enter the course you want to archive.
  2. Click on the Control Panel button.
  3. From the “Control Panel” screen, find the "Course Options" category.
  4. Click on Archive Course to save the whole course as is or click on Export course to choose just parts of your course to save. The “Export/Archive Manager ” screen will appear (This is where you will find your course for downloading after you archive it;
  5. Click Archive at the top left .
  6. Click submit at the bottom right of the page;
  7. When your course has been readied for download you will receive an Email saying it is ready;
  8. Go back to #2 to #4 above and now you will see your course listed;
  9. Click on the course and a download window will popup;

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