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Fordham IT strives to provide the best customer service experience possible to the Fordham community. The use of LANDesk Management Suite provides the University with state of the art tools to effectively manage the lifecycle of Fordham-owned hardware and software.

LANDesk installation is mandatory for all Fordham University owned assests to include desktop and laptop computers, etc.  It also enables IT Customer Care to provide remote assistance via Active Directory.

The benefits of LANDesk to Fordham University include: 

  • Effective Asset Management 
  • Enhanced Security 
  • Prompt Software Updates
  • Enhanced Customer Service 

LANDesk is designed to monitor devices on our network, and store information about configurations, Operating Systems (OS), processor speed, installed memory, hard drive capacity, loaded applications, and more in a central database for monitoring and review by Fordham IT.

LANDesk can assist with the administration of IT acquired application software. For example, tracking software licenses is vital for the University to remain in compliance with its licensing agreements.  The distribution of software to the University community can be done by IT Customer Care or via self-service through the LANDesk portal. In allowing IT to assist with patching desktop Operating Systems as well as selected software applications, your computer will be kept at current industry security levels. 

LANDesk also enables IT Customer Care to provide Remote Assistance.  With the explicit permission of a community member and LANDesk Remote Assistance, an IT Customer Care analyst can see exactly what the customer sees. This allows them to provide help instantly, over the phone.  Additionally, a Field Technician can be dispatched more quickly to attend to urgent hardware and software issues that require a physical presence.

Please visit Fordham IT LANDesk FAQs for more information.

Further information can be found at the LANDesk website.

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