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Using Discussion Boards

Using Discussion Boards in online/hybrid courses


Examples of assignments and Rubrics
Examples of Discussion Board Assignments 
These examples were taken from an online graduate-level religion course taught by Fr. Anthony Ciorra but can be adapted for use in any type of course at either the graduate or undergraduate level.

Using rubrics can not only make it easier for students to know how you expect them to use the discussion board, but it will also make it easier for you to grade their posts.  Here are some sample rubrics, grading schemes, as well as some outside websites that have rubrics you can download/edit:

Practical example of using a rubric to grade discussion posting (scroll down to view)

Search iRubric by subject or level or create your own! (outside website, you can create a free account).  
Additional Resources
Generating and Facilitating Engaging and Effective Online Discussions (PDF)
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Adding a Forum to the Discussion Board on Blackboard (PDF)


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