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Interactive Whiteboards

SMARTBoard Interactive Whiteboards
Media Services manages and maintains the more than 200 SMARTboards found on all three campuses. 
Click here to view the list of Smartboards.
Need help with SMARTBoard basics? 
Take a look at a short, two-minute tutorial from SMARTech on:
"Touch Write and Save" or "Software Basics"

Check out SMARTTech's YouTube page for more video tutorials such as:
Overview of Math Tools (3:56)
Objects in Notebook Software (2:00)
Other SMARTtools (3:51)
Looking for SMARTBoard software downloads?
for Windows
for Mac

SMART Notebook Express BETA (free, online)
Please note, you can download the notebook software from SMARTTech's website, but you will need a valid product key to activate it. Contact your local FTC for more information.  

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