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eBooks come in a variety of formats for many different types of devices. Ebook Formats: The Basics is an excellent blog post that explains the difference is between the various different types of formats.  
Flexbooks (free e-text books)
Flatworld Knowledge (affordable offline, open-licensed, and customizable by educators)
Science Books online (free math and science textbooks and more)
free eBooks  
Classic Reader
Project Gutenburg
E- books directory
Planet PDF
NYPL e- books
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Books vs.eBooks infographic via Newsweek

Mark R. Nelson, “E-Books in Higher Education: Nearing
the End of the Era of Hype?
” ECAR Research Bulletin, vol. 2008, issue 1 (January 8, 2008).

"Who Needs Textbooks? How Washington State is redesigning textbooks for the digital age", Newsweek (January 25, 2011).
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Anthologize: free open source plugin that allows you to publish a Wordpress blog into an e-book. This tool was developed through the "One Week, One Tool" program, funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Issuu: read/publish digital magazines and documents either with free or paid subscriptions. 

List of 25 Free sites for reading books online
Free Books iPad app (23,469 class books)


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