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Faculty Forum on Teaching and Technology

Faculty Forum on Teaching and Technology

The Faculty Forum on Teaching and Technology is an informal, monthly gathering with short presentations by faculty on tools for research and teaching along with open discussion.

It was formed for the purpose of facilitating an informal forum of Fordham Faculty interested in sharing, discovering and exchanging insight and ideas for:
    - Using Instructional Technologies in the  Classroom
    - Enhancing Courses with Online Resources
    - Teaching Online at Fordham
    - Online Pedagogy and Practice
Newsletters with notes and links to resources discussed during our previous luncheons:

9/29/11 Newsletter (PDF)
EIC Resources, Apps, and a Faculty Review of the Galaxy Tab

11/29/11 Newsletter (PDF)
Presentation by JesuitNET on the CADE Methodology for Designing Both Face-to-Face and Online Courses

1/26/ Newsletter (PDF)
Plagiarism Prevention Tools, DevLearn11, and SOPA/PIPA

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Our Next Meeting

Tuesday, November 19th (Zotero)

2012-2013 Dates
Tuesday, November 19th (Zotero)
The Faculty Forum on Teaching and Technology is a collaborative work between Instruction Technology Academic Computing (ITAC) and the Faculty Senate Technology Committee's SubCommittee on Distance Learning.

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