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System Requirements

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Blackboard System Requirements

Internet Connection:
Telephone connection (56k or better), DSL, or cable modem

Computer Specifications:
Minimum 64 MB of RAM (Recommended: 128 MB RAM or greater) 
52 MB hard drive space
Pentium 233 MHz (Recommended:  Pentium 500 MHz or greater)

Web Browser:
Internet Explorer
* Do NOT use the AOL browser or Opera to access Blackboard.

JavaScript /Java/ Cookies:
Latest version of Java

Enable all cookies

Pop-up Blocker Software:
Disable, or hold the CTRL key as you click the link

Additional Plug-ins:
The following is a list of additional plug-ins that you may need:
Apple QuickTime
Adobe Flash Player
Real Network RealPlayer
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Microsoft Office Converters and Viewers

Anti-Virus Software:
Since you will be sharing files, we recommend you have anti-virus software.

Depending on the nature of your course, additional hardware or software may be necessary. In many instances, Microsoft Office is required for the creation and viewing of Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents. Alternate word processing applications you can use include: iLife, OpenOffice, WordPad, or Works. Please remember to save your files as RTF documents so everyone in your course can open and view your files.

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